Lv2 kara Cheat datta Moto Yuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Chapter 104


Clash! Demons vs. Devil



◇ ◇ ◇Souziya Town :  City Hall


The city of Souziya is one of the ordinary rural town in the west of the city of Houtau. It is located in the midst of sloping plains and is a small and cozy town.

There are no major industries in the city, and it is usually a quiet, laid-back town, but during the twice-yearly event, the city is as lively as the world’s largest city, Clydor Royal Capital, during that period.

And now, in this city of Souziya, one of the two annual events 『Souziya Winter Festival』 was being held.


「That’s quite a lot of people!」

As he parked the wagon at the town hall, Fulio had an impressed expression on his face.


It was very rare even for a commercial city like Naniwa to attract this many people, let alone a cozy provincial town with no industry like this one.

「I now understand why Uliminus want to open up the shop in the city.」

「This Uliminus is very sensitive to the smell of profit-Nya.」

Uliminus, who was checking the paperwork for the application to open a store, smiled a proud smile and stretched out his chest, which was the fifth largest size in the Fulio household.


By the way, Fulio Household’s breast size rankings were

Blossom → Barirossa → Lys → Elisabeth – growth form → Uliminus → Hiya → Birelli → → → Verano

And that is. (Note: except for the big-boobed members of Hiya’s mental world.)


The week-long Souziya Winter Festival is famous for the large number of visitors that come to the festival every year, and also for the number of stalls that come from all over the country.

Uliminus had gotten this information and had come to make a fortune by opening a stall at the Souziya Winter Festival for the Ugo general store.


Barirossa would be in charge of the main store during the festival. Then in this stall was Uliminus, Fulio and Gozaru, the former demon king and the current clerk at Ugo’s general store

And then also Elisabeth, who clung to Fulio’s legs and wouldn’t leave them, as if she really wanted to go along as well.

Elisabeth rode on Fulio’s shoulder and happily hugged his head. Fulio who support her with his magic and his left arm, was discussing and talking something with the town hall’s officials who were inspecting the cargo.


The stalls would be open for business tomorrow, and today was supposed to be the only day to accept applications, but there were many stalls that had already been set up and opened for business in the vicinity of the town hall in a hazy way, and the delicious smell of good food was drifting everywhere.

Elisabeth was rooted on Fulio’s shoulder and kept looking around, showing interest in such smells.

Fulio smiled with his usual aloof smile at Elisabeth’s appearance.

「Wait a little longer, Elisabeth. We’ll look around together when we’re done with the formalities」

Then, he gently stroked the back of Elisabeth’s head.

Elisabeth smiled back happily and nodded repeatedly as she squeezed her hand back with her small hands.


At the certain counter a little ahead of Fulio and Elisabeth, Uliminus was handling the procedures for opening a store in the Souziya Winter Festival and the acquisition of ownership of an abandoned house that had been purchased on the outskirts of the city.

There was a reason for the purchase of this abandoned house.

It was cheaper to buy the house than a week’s lodging for a family of ten or more people, who were expected to assemble here during the festival.


There was some reason for this.

This Souziya city is a city that slowly depopulating, as it has no notable industry.

To prevent such places from becoming ghost towns, the town buys up abandoned houses and sells them to potential residents at a discount.



The houses are used for lodging during the festival period. In addition it can be used as a warehouse for Ugo’s grocery store staff and as a transit point for stocking goods.

After consulting with Fulio and Uliminus, it was decided that it could be used as a lodging facility for Fulio’s family only, during the city’s biannual events.


「The procedure is done Nya」.

「I just finished this one too」.

After the luggage inspection was completed, Fulio received the verification documents from Uliminus who comes up to him with a smile, holding a bunch of documents.

「I heard the house needs a lot of work before it can be ready for people to live in, so I’m counting on you nya.」

Uliminus smiled and handed the house key and map he received from the town hall to Fulio.

Fulio, who understood her intentions 『Please repair them with magic, Nya』, took them with a wry smile.

「Well, let’s get our stuff into this house right away and start preparing for the stall.」

「Well, It can’t be helped-Nya… but…」

Uliminus began scurrying around.

「Where’s Gozaru?」

「Huh? He was supposed to be standing there a minute ago.」

The two noticed that Gozaru, who was supposed to be at the side of the luggage, was nowhere to be found, and they looked around.





Elisabeth, who was perched on Fulio’s shoulder, called out, pointing towards the square in front of the town hall.

At the sound of her voice, Fulio and Uliminus turned their gazes in that direction all at once. And from the tip of their gaze, there was Gozaru.


◆◇ On the special stage at the town and town hall of Souziya


Gozaru was standing in a human position with his arms folded on the stage.


Around him, men who were as big as Gozaru, No, It’s rather bigger than him, were lined up in a row next to each other.


At the top of the stage was a sign that read 『Winter Fest Commemoration, Souziya Company Curry Gluttony Championship』, and behind Gozaru and the others, were large number of plates of curry were lined up in super-sized portions.


『Ehhh, then, since all the contestants seem to be present, it’s time to hold the gluttony championship』

Milky, a young female employee of the town hall, who was standing at the side of the stage as the hostess, was announcing the opening of the event with a microphone.

On the stage, Gozaru kept folding his arms with a smug look on his face as if to say, “Leave it to me.”


While staring at that Gozaru, Fulio and Uliminus were frozen in place, rolling their eyes.


((… Hey, what are you doing!))


In contrast to the two of them, Elisabeth, who was on Fulio’s shoulders, was smiling at Gosal on the stage and getting down on her hands all over the stage.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ At the side of the special stage at the Town Hall in Souziya


「Blond-haired hero, what in the world is that happen here?」

Valantine, one of the group of blonde brave men who were passing by the side of the stage, had a strange look on his face as she pointed to the top of the stage.

「Hmm? Apparently they’re holding a gluttony championship or something」.

「『Gluttony Championship』… Is it?」

Valantine, who just arrived in this world for the first time from the evil world, turned a dubious look at the blonde brave man, not understanding the meaning of his words.

「Um, look behind those guys in line, don’t you see a large bowl of brown food?」


「That’s a competition to see how many of those things you can eat, well, that’s just silly…」

「I want to eat!」

While listening to the blonde hero’s explanation, Valantine, who had turned her gaze to the plate of curry on the stage, suddenly raised her right hand and shouted loudly.

The blonde hero, Tsuya and Lillianju turned their startled expressions to Valantine at this sudden action.

Valantine, while turning a happy expression to those three, said

「That looks delicious! I want one! Can I go eat?」

With drool dripping from the corner of her mouth, Valantine points to the stage, and then looks at the stage and staring at blonde hero.

「But, but, They were just about to start, We can’t participate now~.」

Tsuya turns a troubled expression to that Valantine as she puts her index finger to her cheek.

But Valantine, who’s in a state of heightened tension, is bouncing around on the spot, jumping up and down.

「I want to get out! I want to eat! I want to get out! I want to eat!」

And continue to ramble on.

「Va, Lady Valantine… Um, as expected, such an act is not very popular… As expected we can’t do it anymore」.

「I want to get out! I want to eat! I want to get out! I want to eat!」

Valantine, as usual, continues to waste away, not listening to Lillianju’s desperate attempts to persuade her.


And then …


Milky, the town hall employee who is hosting the event on stage, looks at Valantine and the others with a wry smile.

Valantine’s gaze unintentionally clashes with Milky’s.

『Would you like to jump in?』

「Yes! I hope so!」

Valantine immediately responds to Milky’s words by raising her right hand.

Then Milky shakes her hair back, which is bound in a chouche.

…so please come to the stage.

After saying that, she held out her right hand.


The three people who hadn’t expected to be allowed to jump in, the blonde brave, Tsuya, and Lilianju, looked away from Valantine with stunned expressions as he jumped up and down and headed towards the stage.


But once they were on their way, Valantine turned back.

「I am lonely on my own, so I will come with you.」

She grabbed Lilianju’s arm, who had a stunned expression on her face, and went to the stage, skipping again.

「Wait! Va, Lady Valantine! I, I, uh… Gluttony!」

Lillianju was desperately trying to escape, but she couldn’t escape from Valantine’s arms and was dragged cunningly onto the stage.


The two of them watched the scene with a stunned expression on their faces, but

「… Hmm?」

The blond hero unexpectedly turns his gaze towards the outside of the city and often stares in that direction silently.

「Blond hero-sama? What’s the matter with you?」

「Hmm? Don’t worry about it, it’s nothing.」

The blonde hero said that and took out his partner, the drill bulldozer scoop, from the magic bag.

「I’m going out for a minute. You can go out and support them.」

He walked straight out of the city.



◇ ◇ ◇On the special stage at the town hall in Souziya


It was truly a fight to the death, and it was so well documented that it was later inscribed in the history books of Souziya.


『So, then begin!』

The Souziya Company Curry Gluttony Championship, which started on cue from the host, Milky.


「This is so delicious!」

Within two seconds of starting, Valantine ate her super-sized curry and asked for a second helping.

「Hmm, that’s quite something, don’t you think?」

The same two Gozaru’s emptying their plates and asking for a refill within two seconds of starting


In what was effectively a one-on-one matchup between the two, the two players were simultaneously emptying 250 cups of water from each other until less than a minute left time up, a fast-paced and totally even match. The time limit was 10 minutes. (A little over two seconds per cup.)


In an unprecedented turn of events, the other participants, who had given up on the game early because of the fast pace of the game, began to help deliver the curry to Gozaru and Valantine, and finally, with less than 10 seconds left on the clock, they began to help each other empty their 300th plate of curry at the same time.

As they both emptied their 300th plate at the same time, the next curry was instantly added to the two of them.


The next curry was instantly added to the two of them as they both emptied their 300th plates at the same time.


「Sister, next!」

「Ha, yes!」

Lillianju, who had joined the curry carrier on Valantine’s side, accepted a large plate of curry from Tsuya and ran towards the table where Valantine was sitting.


At her feet, there was a microphone cord.


…! (Lillianju-san..


…! (Ladies and gentlemen on stage..


…! (The entire audience…


As everyone looked on, Lilianju took a grand tumble at the edge of the stage and splattered the curry all over the stage.


That moment.

「Time is up.」

The voice of the host, Milky, echoed throughout the hall.


The end result.

Gosal 303 Cups WIN

Valantine 302 Cups


「Va, Lady Valentine, I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry…」

Lillianju lowered her head to Valantine, who came down from the stage with the runner-up trophy in her hand, crying loudly.

「Don’t worry about it. I was able to fully enjoy the thing called curry, so I’m fully satisfied with it.」

Valantine gently hugs Lilianju like that.

「Mmm, that was a good match.」

From behind them, Gozaru, with the winner’s trophy on his shoulder, calls out to the two women.

「Yes, I enjoyed it very much」

Then Valantine smiled back at Gozaru.

While looking at them, Gozaru pushed an envelope containing a trophy in his hand and a ticket of supplementary prizes to Valantine.

「This is an award for a job well done from me. Take it.」

「… May I?」

Gozaru responded to Valantine’s puzzled expression by lightly raising one hand, and then left into the hall.

The rear of the room.

「What…. a wonderful person you are」

「… (Kuh kuh)」

Valantine and Lillianju had hugged each other and looked away with tears in their eyes.


The next thing you know, the audience was watching the scene and applauding and cheering wildly.



◇ ◇ ◇At the corner of the venue.


Fulio and Uliminus both had dry smiles on their faces as they stared at Gozaru, who was walking towards them, with applause and cheers behind him.


「… This was a gluttony championship, wasn’t it?」

「… Yeah.

「… Was a gluttony championship ever this impressive?」


Fulio’s words, Uliminus, with her arms folded, was lost in thought.

Fulio, too, was lost in thought as he watched her.

It’s a great way to get to know your friends and family and to learn more about them.



◇ ◇ ◇At a certain corner of the hall.


「What’s that? What’s this cheers?」

The blonde hero, who came back from outside the hall, looked around the strange atmosphere of the hall and called out to Tsuya.

「Oh, blonde hero-sama, oh my god, that was amazing」.

「Hmm? Why are you crying like that, Tsuya?」

The blonde hero is baffled by the sight of Tsuya, who continues to cry with a handkerchief in her hand.

Then Valantine and Lillianju come back from the stage side and join them.

「Blond-haired hero~.」

「It was amazing… It was amazing.」

The two of them also cried and hugged the blonde hero.

The scene was unexpectedly met with thunderous applause from the entire hall.

「Why, what is it? What the hell is going on here?」

The blonde hero…

could only be confused by the three people’s who were crying and hugging him, and the thunderous applause that kept being sent their way, I could only be confused.


(Note: The curry blasted by Lillianju was very tasty by all the participants.)



◇ ◇ ◇ Outside the town of Souziya


「My god, Dark King! Are you okay~!」

Facing the Dark King, who was stuck in the pit that suddenly appeared in front of him, his followers were shouting from the top of the pit.

At the bottom of that pit.

Once again, thanks to the horse he was riding underneath, which served as a cushion, the Dark King, who had barely been crossing the spear that had been set up at the bottom of the pit, felt the pain of the fall all over his body and repeatedly clicked his tongue in an abominable manner.


… How could this Dark King fall for the same trap twice?

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