Lv2 kara Cheat datta Moto Yuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Chapter 105 part 1

 Greanil and Volaris


 ◇ ◇ ◇ Abandoned house purchased by Fulio on the outskirts of the town of Souziya


 After separating from Uliminus, who had headed into the city to prepare for the store, Fulio, Elisabeth and Gozaru were heading to a settlement on the outskirts of the city, where there was an abandoned house that had just finished the purchase process.

 That settlement was located not too far from the center of the city, but…

「… Apparently, no one lives here 」.

 Fulio chuckled as he said this.


 The settlement was a small settlement consisting of only five larger houses, which all of them were uninhabited.

 One of them was surrounded by a small hill, slightly isolated from its surroundings, and connected to it by a single pathway that extended from the city road.


「That’s quite a large area, though」

 Gozaru, who had entered the room with the key given by Uliminus, looked around the house, hmmm, and looked around the house with a thought.


 The house had one basement and three floors above, along with a place in the yard where the wagons could be placed.

 There was also a staircase in the basement that allowed for goods to be brought in directly from this wagon area.

 Most of the first floor was occupied by a huge living/dining/kitchen area, which was large enough for the entire Fulio family to eat together.

 The second and third floors had similar small rooms lined up in the same way, with ten rooms on the first floor, twenty rooms in total.


「From the way it was built, it must have been an inn in the past」.

 With Elisabeth on his shoulders, Fulio went up to the third floor once he got to the third floor and checked out the interior of the house all over again.


 Indeed, the house itself was large.

 However, the house seemed to have been unoccupied for a long time, and there were holes everywhere, even the outer walls were full of gaps, and the roof was riddled with leaking marks.

 The only good thing about the house was that the water and sewage systems were up-to-date and had been installed close to the house.


 『It will take a lot of rework to make it habitable』Fulio held up his right hand with a wry smile as he understood that Uliminus had been told by the person in charge of the town hall that it would need quite a bit of tweaking to make it habitable, but because it was in such a bad state, they were able to purchase it at a super cheap price.


 Then, a huge magic circle expanded around Fulio.

 At the sight, Elisabeth on Fulio’s shoulder begins to frolic with a big smile on her face.


 While Elisabeth’s laughter was echoing, the magic circle covered the entire first floor of the house. The magic circle began its gradual advance, covering the second and third floors of the house, until it passed through the roof and into the sky above the house, and then it simply vanished.


 After Fulio’s magic circle was overcome, the abandoned house, It had changed completely from when Fulio and the others first arrived. The abandoned building that was on the verge of decay just a few minutes ago had regained its new splendor as if it had just been completed yesterday, and there was no sign of damage anywhere.


「Hmm, as expected of Fulio-dono, a splendid restoration magic」

 As he looked around the restored house, Gozaru surprized at it.

「No, no, this isn’t much magic」.

 While saying this, Fulio scratches the head of his nose with his index finger.


 The restoration magic played by Fulio is a magic that instantly repairs damaged buildings and other objects that have been damaged or broken.

 If it is only a simple repair magic, even an intermediate level mage can use it, but when it comes to a magic that restores a decaying building to the way it was just built back like its original shape, as Fulio just did, is a super-level magic, and Fulio was probably the only one in this world who could use this magic alone.

 But Fulio was seriously modest, as he thought that the magic he could use should be something that any little mage could use.


「Anyway, the house has been repaired, so the luggage need to be brought in」.

 As he says this, Fulio holds up his right hand again and begins to deploy his magic circle.

 In response, the luggage from the wagons outside the house begin to float into the house one after another.

「It’s not a good idea to show off this kind of sight to others」thought Fulio who doesn’t like to stand out, he rarely shows this kind of performance to others as he doesn’t use this luggage carrying magic in places where other people are watching.

 This is how Fulio’s performance in using magic. Elisabeth, who was on his shoulder, was looking at him with a big smile on her face as she was enjoying herself.


◇ ◇ ◇ Town of Souziya, City Hall


One of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s Army, Serpent Princess Yoluminto, in her human form, was standing in line at the city hall in Souziya.


These days, Yoluminto was constantly being stalked by the current Demon King Uygard’s entourage under Hufun order, Dr. Mephisto and Coceshte, throughout her time in the Demon King’s Castle.

However, due to the considerable difference in ability, there was a counterattack by Yoluminto’s subordinates, who were enraged by this move, and although there was no direct movement recently, the tension of a constant cold sight has continued.

Originally, there was a way to appeal directly to Demon King Uygard to stop it, but since the cause of this situation is that Yoluminto herself deliberately ignored The Demon King, this matter has caused Demon King Uygard’s own displeasure, until things cool down, she has no choice but to respond the fights and crush them.


Yoluminto, who had grown somewhat tired of such a bleak situation, had come here in the name of investigating a major event that was occurring in the human city, and had come to Souziya.

「… So, Hardadandan, what stall have we decided to open? 」

 Yoluminto, who came with the intention of killing time, turned her mood when she heard that she could open their own stall,

「I definitely want to participate」

 she said that, and prepared for her preparations with her subordinate who accompanied her.


 Yoluminto, who was standing in line to apply for a stall, turned her attention to Hardadandan, who was standing beside her.


 Although Hardadandan was dressed in human form, his unusually macho body and flashy, revealing, glossy dress made him unavoidably conspicuous, and he continued to attract the gazes of those around him.


「Leave it to me, Yoluminto-sama, even if it is just for fun, all of them under this Hardadandan have been preparing for it without cutting any corners.」

 Hardadandan bowed reverently and handed a sheet of paperwork to Yoluminto.

 When Yoluminto saw it, she hummed and looked through the document.


On that paper was written 『 Macho Goldfish Scooping 』.


「Hardadandan, what kind of thing is this? 」

「Yes, I have learned from my research that the inhabitants of this world prefer to fight against anything that can be called a goldfish and play games with」

 At this point, Hardadandan clicked his fingers, and Steig, who was standing behind him, comes up to him with a water basin in his hand.

 Yoluminto looked into the basin and mixed it up.

 Inside that basin was a single goldfish.


 The size is about two fists.

 Its body is macho and muscular. 


 When it saw Yoluminto, it winked vigorously at her.


「By the way, These goldfish is trained by me with all my heart and soul, it’s a game that will give you a chance to fight it with all your might.」

「Hmmm? Is that how it works? 」

「That’s the way it is」

 As Hardadandan nodded vigorously, Yoluminto said 「hmmm」, and with the documents in her hand, she was waiting for her turn to apply for theirs to arrive.


 Seventeen minutes later.


 The application was fully rejected.


◇ ◇ Street food stalls in Souzya


「Hey, over here-Nya.」

 Uliminus, who was getting ready to set up shop, waved to Fulio, Gozaru and Elisabeth when she saw them.


 The general store Ugo’s shop was prepared with a wide variety of items, from clothing to accessories, armor to medicines, just like a general store.

 It would be quite narrow for one store to handle this much stuff, but Uliminus had talked to the city officials to get two sections in a row.


 Although it was located slightly away from the plaza, which was the center of the city.

「We have a full range of products-Nya, it doesn’t matter where we are-Nya.」

 Uliminus was smiling with a meow-hoop as she said so.


 And as if to prove her words, a crowd had already formed around the general store Ugo’s stall.


… Hey, isn’t that a dragon scale shield?


… I’ve got some dragon scale armour over there…


… That magic stone looks pretty pure….


 There was a person who seemed to be a merchant offering advance negotiations to Uliminus.


 Surrounded by such people, Uliminus had an unfitting smile on her face.


… I’m going to make a lot of money this week-Nya.


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