Lv2 kara Cheat datta Moto Yuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Chapter 105 part 2


Chapter 105 Part 2


「Long time no see, Fulio-dono, it has been a while 」

 Inside the stall, Greanil, who was in charge of purchasing for the grocery store Ugo, was leading her own subordinates in a hurry to prepare the store.


 The former apprentice demon ninja was also continuing to gather information while stocking up in various places under the direction of Uliminus, and she was already gaining a certain amount of status.


「I’m glad to see you’re in good health, is that your daughter that you’re carrying on your shoulder? She’s as lovely as the rumors say.」

 While saying that, Greanil patted Elisabeth’s head with a smile.

 Elisabeth had a happy smile on her face as she honestly poked her head out to be patted.


「Fulio-dono, we can do the preparations well by ourselves. Why don’t you and Elisabeth-dono go and look around the stalls? 」

 Stopping her hand from petting Elisabeth, Greanil spoke to Fulio as she reached for her new box.

「Yes, I don’t want to get in your way, so I suppose I’ll do」

 As he said this, Fulio lightly raised his hand to Uliminus, who was chatting enthusiastically with the other merchants, and then left the general store Ugo’s stall.


 Elisabeth was extremely happy that she and Fulio had decided to go around the stall alone, and Elisabeth didn’t lose her big smile, but remained on Fulio’s shoulder and hugged him to her head.


「U-yo! U-yo! 」

 Elisabeth hummed to herself, and Fulio laughed and looked around at the stalls here and there.




「Oh, husband sama」

 There, Fulio’s wife, Lys, spotted Fulio and Elisabeth and came running up to them at a fast pace with their eldest son, Garyl, with her.

 When Fulio spotted them, he smiled happily and raised his right hand.

「I’ve been waiting for you, Lys and Garyl. You just got here? 」

 At Fulio’s words, Lys had a big smile on her face as she was happy to see

「Yes, I just left with the Slape Family and Verano」.

 As she said this, she gently hugged Fulio.




 Elisabeth, who had been watching the scene on Fulio’s shoulder, looked blatantly uncomfortable as she turned away from the side with a pouty look on her face.


 …This is…I wonder if it is jealousy


 Fulio couldn’t help but smile as he watched her from the side.


 Elisabeth, who has been expressing an excessive amount of affection for Fulio since the incident when he grew up so fast, has started to express her jealousy even to her mother, Lys, who has been expressing her affection to Fulio as a matter of course.


 However, it could be said that this kind of excessive reaction to the object of one’s affection was very similar to that of Lys.


 In the past, when Fulio presented the ring that can increase the amount of magic inside the body to Mage Verano, it was also the same.

『If you put your ring on your left hand finger… I will kill you』


 The stories of her jealousy are countless, including one time when she threatened him with a serious look, and so on.

 It could be said that Elisabeth has inherited a lot of those aspects of Lys.


… As far as I’m concerned, I love them both and I hope they get along somehow.


 Fulio couldn’t help but chuckle as he looked at the two of them in return.




◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ In a crowdy street in the town of Souziya.


 At that moment, the blonde hero was running desperately through the crowded streets.


「Wait! You! You’re the blonde-haired hero who is wanted by the castle! 」

 The castle’s knight, Volaris, was chasing behind him, with her subordinates in pursuit.


 For a while now, Volaris, a female knight in man’s clothing, had been moving from place to place under the orders of the Princess Queen.

 On this day, they had come to guard Souziya, where one of the biggest events around here was being held, including to see if the wanted criminals of the vicious business would show up, but in the course of their guard, they had discovered the blonde hero and were about to capture him.


 There was a time when the blonde hero had been summoned to this world as a hero to defeat the Demon King and trained to defeat the Demon King while being guaranteed an elegant life in the castle.

 However, no matter how much he trained, his ability as a hero had hardly improved, and on the way, he had caused various troublesome acts, such as sneaking into the castle’s treasury, triggering the sealed demon’s hiya, causing a major incident that could have killed all the castle’s inhabitants, and stealing things from the castle’s treasure hall, and is currently on an extensive wanted list from the castle of Clydor.


「I’m not going to get caught in a place like this! 」

 The blonde brave turned right down an alleyway and accelerated at once.


「He’s turning there! Everyone charge! 」

 Volaris, pointing with her sword to the area where the blonde hero turned, led her own men and turned to the right.


「What…? What…! 」


 However, the blonde brave was not in the corner of his eye.


 Volaris frantically looked around the area.

 However, the street was only a straight road, nothing special except for a few trash bags placed on it, and it was just a straight line.

 However, the blonde hero was no longer there.

「Ehhh, yeah~! Let’s find him! Everybody follow me! 」

 Volaris pointed forward again with her sword and ran off across the road, taking everyone with her.


 After a moment


 The blonde hero gently peeked out from underneath the trash bag that was placed at the edge of the road.


 As soon as he turned the corner, the blonde hero took out his partner, the drill bulldozer scoop, from the magic bag and dug a shallow hole and immediately went into it to hide. As expected of him, he didn’t forget to camouflage himself by placing a nearby garbage bag on top of it.


 After confirming that Volaris was out of sight, the blonde hero stepped out of the hole with a sigh of relief

「… I couldn’t make a drop hole in the suburbs, but I think I can handle it, so I just need to run away for now」

 As he said this, he began to walk at a fast pace towards the opposite direction of where Volaris had run off.



◇ ◇ ◇ ◇The forest in the vicinity of Souziya


 The Dark King was giggling.


 The Dark King had been caught in a falling hole twice in a row recently and had been injured pretty badly.


 He was determined to make a fortune from the festival in Souziya, which is one of the biggest festivals in the area.


 However, as he was about to enter the city, a pit kept being created in front of him, and the Dark Lord kept falling into it and retreating temporarily to treat his injuries.


But this day was different.


 He would have his own followers survey his path more carefully than necessary, and when it was safe to do so, he would proceed a little further, where he would begin to check ahead again… This process was repeated.


 Thanks to that, the Dark King hadn’t gotten caught in the pit this time, and had almost made it to a position where he could enter the city of Souziya.


… Huh… I still don’t know which one of us was the culprit, but it looks like I won this time.


 The Dark King had a goofy, vulgar smile on his face.


And then…


「Are there blonde hero!? 」

 Suddenly, Volaris and the rest of the knights appeared from the direction of the city and met the Dark King and his group.


 When Volaris saw the Dark King, she said.

「… Is that you, the former king, there? 」

 He said, and pointed the sword in his right hand.


 The Dark King.

 He was the former king of the magical kingdom of Clydor.

 His daughter, the Princess Queen – the First Princess at that time – exposed the many evil deeds he had been doing behind the scenes, and he was banished from the castle.

 Since then, he has continued to do his evil deeds, calling himself the Dark King.


 Volaris keeps the sword in her right hand pointed at the former king – the current Dark King – in front of her.

「You are suspected of running a vicious business in many places. I want you to be quietly interrogated.」

 Saying that, she approaches the Dark King’s group along with the other knights while surrounding them.


「Chi, run away! 」

 Looking at Volaris and the others, the Dark King, realizing his disadvantage, immediately fled from the scene.

「Wait! I won’t let you go! 」

 Volaris and others soon followed suit.


 And the Dark King fled without entering the city of Souziya again.

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