Lv2 kara Cheat datta Moto Yuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Chapter 106

 Fulio… & Lover’s Quarrel


◇Street. Event Plaza in Souziya

  The morning of the second day of Souziya Winter Festival.


 The festival will begin in earnest on this day when the restrictions on opening stalls and shops will be lifted and the number of visitors is expected to increase dramatically.


 Event Plaza

 On the first day of the festival, a curry-eating contest was held at this venue, and on this day, an event called “Onigatsuji Hayashi (Forest Ogre Music Festival)” will be held.


 This event originated as a thanksgiving ritual to the legendary ogre that guarded the area in the past, and it was customary for children to dress up as ogres and parade around the event site, receiving sweets from the stalls.




「… That’s just… I didn’t hear that-nya」


 Yesterday, Uliminus was busy negotiating with other merchants.


 It was only this morning that she realized that this 『Please hand out sweets to children dressed as demon ogre who came to the stall on the second day』 was written on the back of the stall permit.



「Anyway, hurry up! The event is almost ready to start! 」

 Lys continued to fry the strips of potato crops that he had brought with him for everyone’s meals in oil.

 Normally, this is an item that Garyl and the others make for a little snack, but the Ugo General Store team decided to give out lightly salted and bagged versions of this as a substitute for a snack and there were no other items that could be made quickly and in large quantities.


 Barirossa just arrived this morning and she peeled and chopped the potatoes into small pieces.

 Fulio magically removed the dirt.

 Lys fried it in oil.

 Gozaru magically cooled it off.

 The rest of the team will bag it up.


「… Ugh, guys, I’m sorry-nya 」.

 Uliminus herself was bowing to everyone as she packed the bags of fried potatoes one after the other, thanks to the people who were working in harmony with each other.

「Hahahahaha, this much – nyumnyum – no big deal – nyumnyum – no big deal」.

「You’re eating too many of these things, Nya! 」

 Uliminus punched the back of Gozaru’s head in a bold manner as he repeatedly grabbed the freshly fried potatoes and carried them to his mouth while cooling them, which is not at the level of snacking.

 If an ordinary person had received this blow, it would not be surprising if their head was separated.

「Oh, sorry, sorry」.

 Gozaru kept on laughing and laughing.


 This work, which was done with the full mobilization of Greanil and other purchasing members, was somehow completed just before the start of the event on the second day.


◇ ◇.


 「… 」 (Sigh)


 The mage Verano, who had managed to finish the work of making snacks at the stall, came out of the simple toilet set up at the side of the hall with an exhausted expression on her face.

 For Verano, who was always unusually weak in the morning, it was almost tortured to continue bagging without a break in a place filled with the smell of oil from the very first morning, and she had just finished unloading all the contents of her stomach.


 … Let’s go home and get some rest for once.


 Verano sighed again and began to walk slowly toward the edge of the crowded street.




 Suddenly, Verano’s shoulders were grabbed from behind.

「Oh, ouch. Don’t get separated, don’t get separated. Come on, the changing area is this way 」.

 A woman with an identification card hanging on her chest that mentions “Souziya Elementary School Lead Teacher” grabs Verano’s shoulder with a big smile and pulls her backwards.


… Ha! What! What’s happening!


 This is Verano, who is desperately trying to escape.

「Oh, no, I know you want to go around the stalls as soon as possible, but you have to change your clothes before you can get your candy」.

 As the woman did so, she lightly dragged the desperately struggling Verano away.


◇ ◇A few moments later, the front of Ugo general store


「Okay-nya, good job-nya」.

 Uliminus handed a bag of fried potatoes with a big smile to the children dressed as demon ogres who visited the stall.


 There was not a trace of the killing spirit from the days of the Demon King’s aide, which in the past was said to have shaken even the Grim Reaper, in their appearance.


 And beside the stall.

「Hahahaha, that’s so freaking high~」.

 Gozaru was repeatedly throwing children dressed as demon ogres, smiling and throwing them into the sky and catching them.

 This kind of spontaneous play was so well received by the children that an unexpectedly long line had formed around Gozaru.


 There was no sign of the man who had once been called the strongest Demon King in the history of the Demon King’s Army in his appearance.


… That Uliminus-sama…

… That Goul-sama…


 The staff members in charge of stocking the store, who were originally under the control of the two demons, were staring at this scene with astonished eyes.


 A new group of children came to the storefront of Ugo General Store.

「Pardon the intrusion~, we are the younger grade group from Souziya Elementary School~!」

 A woman who seems to be in charge of leading the group calls out to the store with a smile.

「Yes Nya, I’ll be right there-nya」

 Uliminus walked out to the storefront, carrying a basket with a bag of fried potatoes in it.


 There was a group of children dressed up as demon ogres, with the female teacher who was leading them, surrounded by a group of children dressed as demon ogres.

「Okay, okay, there’s enough for everyone-nya, there’s no need to rush… Nya? 」

 Uliminus, who had been handing those children a bag of candy, froze the moment she approached one of the children.


 There it was.


 There was Verano, blending in uncomfortably with the line of elementary school students.


 Verano was wearing the same revealing demon ogre cosplay costume as the other elementary school girls – younger grades – with only her breasts and waist covered.

 The only difference between her and the other girls was that she was trying to escape the gaze of her surroundings as much as possible, while turning red in shame and holding her chest with both hands.


 Uliminus, who had been staring at Verano’s figure with bewildered eyes, was…


 Without saying a word, she gently handed over the bag of snacks.





 While children dressed as demon ogres were walking around the area where the stalls were lined up from the event square, Fulio and Lys had also joined the group with Elisabeth and Garyl, who were dressed as demon ogres.


 However, as usual, Elisabeth didn’t move away from Fulio, and when Lys approached her, she would blatantly turn a look of disgust on her.

 Because of this, Rhys and Galil had been forced to hold hands and walk a little further away from Fulio and the others.


 Fulio looked at Elisabeth, who was happy to be riding on his shoulder.

「Elisabeth, you shouldn’t act like that to your mom」.

 Fulio told her gently to remind her, but Elisabeth looked unhappy, then turned her head to the side with a pout.

 Even as she did so, she grabbed Fulio’s head and continued to rub against it.

 While watching the situation, Fulio

「Elisabeth, can you get along with your mom? 」

 Yes, he would speak to her gently.

 But Elisabeth remained soppy and showed no sign of replying.


 So Fulio stopped in his tracks.


「What’s the matter? Danna sama? 」

 Lys, who was walking behind Fulio, suddenly stopped and gave Fulio a questioning look.

「Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, but can you go ahead for a moment? 」

「What? Oh… 」

 At Fulio’s words, Lys nodded for the moment and walked ahead with Garyl’s hand in her hand.


 While Fulio was walking off after that…


 The two of them were suddenly transformed into a pure white place.


 It was inside Fulio’s spiritual world, the same place where Hiya, the resident of the Fulio family and the devil who controls the origin of light and darkness, inhabited her fellow practitioners.

「Hiya taught me how to do it, and it seems to have worked.」

 While looking around the space, Fulio once again turned his gaze to Elisabeth, who was still sitting on his shoulder.


 Then Elisabeth jumped down from Fulio’s shoulder, her face turning bright red.

 At the same time, the jewel on her forehead shone, and her figure grew into the form of a sixteen ~ seventeen-years-old.


 The clothes Elisabeth was wearing now had been remade with magical materials so that it wouldn’t be torn when Elisabeth grew up like this, and it stretched out without tearing and covered her body properly.


「Daddy brought me to that same world of Hiya-san… It means that you can take my thoughts? 」

 Elisabeth approached Fulio happily, her face reddening as she approached him.

 Fulio, who had been watching Elisabeth’s figure with his usual aloof smile

「Elisabeth, it’s true I definitely like you a lot… But you know that」.

 As he says this, he slowly walks up to Elisabeth.

「Dad… Um… It’s a bit different than usual… 」

 Elisabeth noticed that there was something wrong with Fulio’s approach to her, and she couldn’t help but stop in her tracks.


 But Fulio doesn’t care what Elisabeth looks like, he walks up to her and

「I think I’m going to have a good talk with you today, so sit down over there」.

 He was looking at Elisabeth with his arms crossed on the spot, looking at her.


 That Fulio had an aura of fierce anger on his back, and even the space itself, his mental world, was enveloped in a tremendous rage.

 Elisabeth, who was supposed to continue to be showered with that overwhelming mental wave all over her body, had turned blue and was beginning to tremble and shiver. 

 While looking at Elisabeth like that, Fulio opened his mouth again.


「Sit down there, Elisabeth」.



◇A few moments later


 Lys was puzzled.


 Elisabeth had gone somewhere with Fulio, and then came back.

 It’s a good thing that she’s got a big smile on her face and is actively wanting to hold hands with him.

 There is no doubt that Fulio has had something to say to Elisabeth, but nevertheless, the sudden change in Elisabeth’s attitude has confused Reese.

 When Lys continued to be puzzled like that

 Elisabeth unexpectedly walked over to Lys and hugged her, and then remained there for a moment, glued to her.


 Then, in a small voice.

「… Mom, I’m sorry」

 And then she squeezed Lys’s clothes and hugged Lys’s legs.


 As Lys looked at Elisabeth’s figure, she said

「It’s okay, because I’m your mom」

 As she said this, she squatted down in front of Elisabeth and hugged her body tightly.


 Fulio looked at Lys and Elisabeth with his usual aloof smile as he carried Garyl on his shoulders.

「Now that we’re all getting along, let’s go around and get some sweets from the stall」.

 At Fulio’s words, Garyl and Elisabeth nodded with a big smile on their faces and started waving their hands towards the nearby stall.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇Souziya’s town, Event Plaza side


 The blonde hero returned from somewhere with his partner, a drill bulldozer scoop in hand.

「Wha, what are you doing, you! 」

 He was stunned by the scene that was unfolding in front of him.


「Oh, blonde hero-sama, welcome back」

 Out of the corner of his eye, Valantine was about to walk out into the city with a big smile on her face.

「No! You can’t be dressed like that, Valantine-sama! 」

 Tsuya was desperately trying to hold that Valantine back.

 Beside her, the blonde hero who had been staring at Valantine’s outfit finally opened his mouth.


「Valantine… What is that extremely shameless appearance? 」


 Valantine, the target of the blonde hero’s gaze, was forcing a child’s, ogre-like costume on her body, and was about to go out into the city with her voluptuous figure.

「Something tells me that if you go around town in this costume, you’ll get some sweets.」

 Valantine has a happy expression on her face, but she is almost completely naked, and if she were to walk the streets in this state, she would certainly be arrested.

 The people around who noticed Valantine’s appearance were all looking at her curiously.


「Fool! That was supposed to be a children’s event! 」

「That’s okay! In this outfit, you look like a child.」

「Stupid! Even the barmaid’s sister is dressed in something a little more polite! 」

「Aaaah, I’d like to get some candy~! 」

「You! You stupid bitch! 」

 The blonde hero and Tsuya continued to desperately hold Valantine back as she tried to go to the city and wouldn’t listen to him.


 On the other side.


… Wh-why should I?


 By Valantine.

「I’m lonely by myself, please wear it with me」.

 And Lillianju, who had been forced to wear a child’s demon ogre outfit and was almost completely naked, was cowering in shame.



◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ Forest on the outside of the town of Souziya


「Ehhh! what the hell is happening, we can’t go back to the city like this! 」

 Volaris, a female knight in man’s clothing, kept raising her voice in frustration.


 Volaris and her group had chased the Dark King out of the city, but eventually escaped.

 They had no choice but to return to the city of Souziya, but on their way back, they were unable to move because of the pitfalls that had been set up all along the way.


 There were no spears or anything like that inside the holes, so those that fell were only injured by the impact, but the number of holes was so large that the group was unable to return to the city.


「Ehhh, damn it! 」

 Volaris bit her lip as she held her head in her hands.

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