Lv2 kara Cheat datta Moto Yuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Chapter 107


It has been a while since we had fun last night, hasn’t it?


◆◇Fulio’s mansion on the outskirts of Souziya


 As the sun was just beginning to rise.


 Second floor bedroom,

 Lys was in bed, still wearing nothing but the covers over her naked body.

 In that state, Lys’s cheeks were red, and she kept her captivated gaze on Fulio.


 It had already been dozens of days since Elisabeth kept interrupting her nightlife.

 Thanks to the fact that Elisabeth had become a very good child thanks to Fulio’s sermons – God’s grade – and that she and Garyl had fallen asleep in child time at night, Fulio and Lys had had fun last night for the first time in a long time.


 For the first time in a long time, Lys got a lot of love from Fulio.

 Still basking in the afterglow, she hugged Fulio, who was sleeping next to him, and continued to watch his sleeping face up close and personal.


… Danna sama… Lys is so happy


 Lys slowly closed her eyes and buried her face in Fulio’s chest.




 Outside Fulio’s bedroom.


 Standing in the corridor, the devil who controlled the origin of light and darkness, Hiya’s eyebrows furrowed slightly.

 As a reference for his own training, she was about to observe Fulio and Lys in their evening activities – without permission, of course – as expected of hiya.


… It was not the Supreme Being, Lord Fulio, who interfered that… Was it Elisabeth sama who stopped it?


 Hiya was about to force a peeping through Fulio’s door, as he was immersed in the fun he’d been having for a while.

 Each and every one of these things had been prevented by Elisabeth.


… However, if this is the will of Her Highness, Elisabeth-sama, the daughter of Lord Fulio, we have no choice but to obey.


 Hiya bowed respectfully to the door and disappeared into her own mental world!




 On the bed in the bedroom.


 Elisabeth, who had closed her eyes with Garyl on a bed separate from Fulio and Lys, suddenly opened them softly.


 Out of the corner of her eye, Lys was hugging Fulio with a happy expression on her face.


 In the past, if she had seen such a scene, Elisabeth would have immediately rushed forward with a growl.

 Now Elisabeth smiled at the sight, and then closed her eyes again.


 On her forehead, the golden jewel was shining beautifully in the morning sun.



◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ Town of Souziya, in front of the town hall


「Why can’t you do that again? 」

 Hardadandan was holding his own head with his muscular macho arms and screaming violently at the heavens.


 It had already been a few days since one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s Army, Yoluminto, came to play in this winter festival in the city of Souziya for a refreshment.

 Yoluminto had planned to try setting up a stall as well, and entrusted the task of setting up the stall to his subordinate, Hardadandan.




 All of this hardadandan’s applications continued to be immediately rejected by the town hall for review.

 First thing in the morning of the day, Hardadandan tried to apply for the 29th time, and then screamed out for his 29th consecutive loss.


「What? You didn’t get it, huh? 」

 Yoluminto, who was transforming into a human form while munching on a skewer of blue general snakes that she bought from a stall that had opened early, turned her gaze to Hardadandan, who was continuing to suffer, with a pang of surprise.

「Oh, I’m sorry, Yoluminto-sama… This was a project that I had absolute confidence in this time… 」

「Hmmm… So, what was that about? 」

「Ha… I applied for this time, it’s called scooping a super muscle ball」

 At this point, Hardadandan snapped his fingers, and Stake, who was standing behind him, approached with a water-filled tarai in his hand.

 There was a round, ball-shaped object floating in it, and two muscular, macho arms were sticking out of the ball.

「From what I have learned from my research, the inhabitants of this world like to play games with the Super Ball, or whatever it is called, and have it under their control… That’s why I’m here to give you a chance to fight these super muscle balls with all my heart and soul in order to control them..」

 Once again, Hardadandan holds his own head in his muscular macho arms and screams violently to the heavens.


 Watching the figure, Yoluminto


… How come there’s always a muscle in the air?


 And with wonder, she began to munch on her second Blue General Snake skewer.




◆◇Street food stalls in Souziya


 Even though the Ugo General Store’s stall was located on the outer edge of the food stall area, it had been crowded with customers since the first day.

 The ultra-high-grade items for sale were a rare sight even in the castle town, such as dragon scale armor and advanced magic potions, and they were visited by not only ordinary customers, but also advanced adventurers, castle knights, and businessmen.


 Even today, the second day of the stall, Uliminus, who confirmed that there were quite a lot of customers waiting before the stall opened, smiled with a big smile on her face.

「Yeah, hello everyone, sorry to keep you waiting Nya」

 As she said this, she smiled and waved to the customers who were waiting for the stall to open.




 Uliminus nodded her head at the presence of one apparently strange guest mixed in among them.

 As if he noticed Uliminus’s gaze, the large man walked up to Uliminus and

「Ah, you woman over there, there was Goul-sama’s in this shop yester—…」

 Uliminus hurriedly blocked that man’s mouth as he suddenly mentioned the name of Gozaru from the time of the Demon King.

 In this human world, even if it was the former, if he uttered the name of the Demon King, there was no way to know what would happen.


… What do you want with the former Demon King?

 Uliminus speaks quietly in the man’s ear, brimming with murderous intent.

 But then the man raises his hands in the air to show that he has no hostile intent.

「Oh, I’m sorry. I had a good time with Gough… I had the pleasure of working with that gentleman a long time ago… I saw him yesterday and thought I’d like to pay my respects to him… 」

 He was laughing as he said this.


◇ ◇ ◇.


「What, isn’t it Ulla! 」

 When Gozaru saw the man’s face, he hugged him, smiling happily.

「Long time no see, have you been breathing well? 」

「I’m glad to see that Goul-sama is as healthy as ever」.

「Ah, it’s Gozaru now. Please use that name from now on」.

 The two of them were laughing at each other haha as they exchanged idle conversation.

「Whaaat! I wonder who it is, but it’s Ulla! 」

 Slape came into the shop with Birelli and Risley, and when he spotted Ulla chatting with Gozaru, he ran up to him, shouting happily.

「Oh! There you are, Slape sama! I never thought we’d see each other again in such a remote location, that’s indeed how winter festival it is」.

 Ulla shared his joy as he hugged Slape as well.

「Let me introduce to you, this is my wife, Birelli, and this little one is my daughter, Risley.」

「Wow! I was surprised to see you’re having a child, Slape dono. Congratulations again on this one」.

 Ulla laughed high-pitched laughter, as if having fun, and then said,

「Please allow me to introduce myself, Slape dono’s okugata sama, ojou sama. I am Ulla of the ogre tribe. I fought with Lord Slape-dono as a member of the Demon King’s army many years ago」

 As he said that, he bowed reverently.

「This guy was chosen as the Four Heavenly Kings, but he quit the demon king’s army, saying he was going to marry a human woman, but I didn’t expect him to be here」

 Slape laughed hahaha as he said that.

「Gee, Slape dono, let’s not talk about past story, please. The wife who was a human has already gone to the afterlife long ago」

「Wait a minute, I haven’t heard of you turning down the appointment of the Four Heavenly Kings to marry a human woman? 」

「Oh! I’m sorry, Gozaru-dono. I was afraid that if I told you the truth back then, you would have killed my wife as well」

 Ulla laughs at that.


 It’s Birelli who is standing next to Slape and listening to the conversation between the three of them.

 For Birelli, an ordinary human being, the sight of the three people, Gozaru, Slape, and Ulla, with their huge physiques, gathered in front of her and talking was beyond overwhelming.


… Bbb, but, as Slape sama’s wife… I can’t just run away from thaaaat….


 Birelli kept trying hard to make up a smile.


 By the way, this Ulla.

 He escaped from the Demon King’s army several decades ago.

 He had settled here with his human wife, who had both escaped and settled here, and had been protecting the land for the sake of his wife and children, but before he knew it, he had become the guardian deity of the land, and was worshipped until this day.

 This is the demon ogre that is being thanked in the Onigatsuji musical performance.


… Wha… He’s still alive…


 Blossom, who had heard that story from Uliminus, had turned her indescribable gaze to Ulla.



◇ ◇ ◇ ◇ A corner of the city of Souziya


「Where have you been going, Blonde Hero sama? 」

 Valantine turned a dubious look at the blonde hero who came back out of nowhere with his partner and drill bulldozer cup in hand.

「Mmm, that’s a bit much. So, did you have something to do with me? 」

「Yes! Yes, that’s exactly」

 Valantine held out a sheet of paper towards the blonde hero with a big smile on her face.

 The blonde hero who took a glance at the contents of the paper blatantly frowned.

「What is it? What’s this ‘marathon’ thing called? 」

「Well, it seems to be a competition to see who can get to the bottom of that mountain and come back as fast as possible」

 The blonde hero turned his gaze in the direction that Valantine was pointing at.

 The mountain looked a bit smoky even from the position of the blonde hero, and there was no doubt that it was a considerable distance away.

「… So, what is it? Do you want to compete in that event? 」

「Yes, that’s right. Um, may I? 」

 The blonde hero sighed once as Valantine asked him timidly

「You’re probably going to waste your time wanting to get out even if I say you can’t anyway? 」


 The nightmare of yesterday came back to the blonde hero’s mind.

 The blonde hero, who had continued desperately trying to stop Valantine, who had forced herself into children’s clothes and tried to go out to get sweets, had finally dropped her into the fallen hole – spearless ver. – and continued to lecture her, and somehow made her give up.


「Well, that’s about as good as it gets, do what you want」

「Yes, thank you very much! 」

 Valantine hugged the blonde hero with a big smile on her face, and she jumped up and down happily, repeatedly thanking him.



 At this time, the blonde hero’s face suddenly frowned.


… Wha, what! My intuition keeps telling me it’s dangerous, you say!?


 And that time it happened.

「Yes, isn’t that a blonde hero in there! 」

 When his name was suddenly called out, the blonde hero turned his gaze in that direction.



 It was the Tengu tribe, Ebisu, in the middle of carrying a muscle turtle for muscle turtle scooping that Hardadandan was preparing for.


「It may have been just happened, but it felt as a hundred years! I’ll kill you there! 」

 As he said this, Ebisu gently placed the tarai in his hand on the ground before confronting the blonde hero.


 Ebisu had a secret plan.


 The other day, Ebisu, who was defeated by the blonde hero and fell prey to the pit, was reborn at the Demon King’s Castle.

It had evolved into an Ebisu Stout.

 One of its characteristics was that it was able to generate a strong wind and release a spear with that wind.


… With this, it is possible to attack him without getting too close.


 Ebisu Stout dashes a few steps from the spot to soar into the air.




 The moment its feet took the second step, the drop hole underneath its feet was activated.


… W-What? … Jeez, how did you made the pitfall in a…. running position…?


 With a shocked expression on his face, Ebisu Stout somehow flapped his wings and tried to emerge from the hole


「Ah! The artistic pit of the blonde hero sama is indeed totally different level」


… Huh!


 At that moment, Ebisu Stout looked at the figure of Valantine, who suddenly appeared in front of him.

 Without regard to the appearance of Ebis Stout, Valantine released countless threads from her right hand and used them to wrap the Ebisu Stout in a circle in front of her.

 Ebisu Stout, whose wings were blocked by the threads, was unable to move.


「… I’m sorry to disappoint you」


 As it was, he had fallen into the pit.


「As expected of a blonde hero sama」

「That’s really great」.

 The blonde hero, who had been staring at Valantine and Tsuya from behind, who were happily checking out the bottom of the hole, still kept frowning at them.


… Strange… Even though we just defeated the demon thing, my intuition still tells me that I’m still on emergency alert… Why is that!


 The blonde hero kept folding his arms on the spot, desperately trying to figure out what was causing it.


 While Valantine,

「I want to see the blonde hero sama to run coolly!」

 With that said, without him knowing, she was registered the blonde hero into the marathon…

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