Lv2 kara Cheat datta Moto Yuusha Kouho no Mattari Isekai Life Chapter 108


The Undisciplined Face of the Souziya Road Marathon


◆◇ In front of the event plaza in the town of Souziya


 There were many people gathered in front of the event plaza from the early morning, and it was quite crowded.


 On this day, the last day of the festival

 The annual Souziya Road Marathon was held in the town of Souziya.

 This marathon was the biggest event of the Souziya Winter Festival as it was the main event that attracted a large number of participants from the surrounding areas.


「If you have already registered in advance, please gather in the players’ waiting room over there. If you are participating on this day, please register at the tent over there first」.

 A town hall young female employee, Milky, continued to guide people in the middle of the event plaza using a magic loudspeaker.


 The Souziya Road Marathon will be divided into three different routes.

  • Family’s Course

 Children up to 5 years old with their parents holding hands and running together.

  • Children’s Course

 Kids up to 10 years old run alone.

  • No Restriction Course: short / long

 It is open for all participants and even children can participate.

 There are two types of courses depending on the distance of the course, 『Short』 and 『Long』.

 All courses are open to all humans and demi humans, but skill and magic usage is forbidden and will be constantly monitored by the 『No-More-SM(Skill & Magic)-kun』 bracelet, which each participant must wear before the start of the race to prevent the use of additional magic.

 If this bracelet detected any use of skill-magic power or an attempt to forcibly remove it, a warning sound would immediately ring and they would be disqualified.




… Why do I have to participate in this?


 Verano was waiting in line for the portable toilets that had been set up at the side of the hall, with a depressed look on her face.

「It would be fun if we all joined in anyway」

 At the suggestion of Gozaru, who was laughing hahaha while saying that, the Fulio family decided to participate in the marathon, except for Uriminas, who had to deal with the stalls, all of them were going to participate in the marathon.


 On top of the low amount of magic power in her body, Verano, who was unrivaled in terms of physical strength, was crushed by the pressure to participate in the marathon from now on, and was in an extremely dangerous MR5 (Madly want to – Relieve the nature  – in 5 seconds) state.


 Somehow, just in time, Verano managed to run to the bathroom in the last minute. 


(Currently there are some disturbing scenes that are not good for your mental health. Please wait while you fantasize about Verano in an ogre costume).


… Phew.


 Somehow, she had managed to extract the contents of her stomach and take a breath.




 At that time, suddenly NoMoreSM-kun on Verano’s arm began to emit an alarm sound.

『Participant No.666 Verano-san, you are disqualified for using your skill』


 Verano was taken aback by the voice.


… S-, skill using? I was just did “relieve nature”…


 Verano couldn’t help but be confused as her urgent was recognized as a skill.



「Yoluminto-sama, I will make up for all the mistakes I have made so far in this marathon. OOOOOOOOOOOOO IYA OOOOOOOOOOO」

 Hardadandan in the players’ waiting room was getting out of control.


 After all, until the last day of the event, Hardadandan was not allowed to open a stall.

 He ← not a mistype – was determined to make up for his many mistakes in this marathon.

「Yea yea, just go for it!」

 Yoluminto calls out to such a Hardadandan, while enjoying a skewered cowfrog.

「Leave it to me! This Hardadandan will do that with all my might! OOOOOOOOOOO」

 With renewed energy, Hardadandan clenched his two fists together and let his upper body muscles rise up in a single burst.




 NoMoreSM-kun, which wrapped up in the right arm of such a Hardadandan, couldn’t bear the bulge of the muscle and was torn off.


「Huh? 」

「Huuh? 」

 At that scene, Yoluminto and Hardadandan involuntarily raised their voices.


 In front of the two of them, that torned NoMoreSM-kun began to emit an alarm sound.

『Participant No.213 Hardadandan-san, you are disqualified due to break the bracelet』


 It was Hardadandan, who fell to the spot as he heard the voice.


 Looking down at the fallen and motionless Hardadandan, Yoluminto

「… Ah, Congratulations」

 As she said this, she patted Hardadandan shoulder and brought the sixth cowfrog skewer to her mouth.


◇◇ Deep in the Ashy Forest


 The Dark King was gritting his teeth in a cave deep in the Ashy Forest, not far from the city of Souziya.


 The Dark King and his party had been chased by a group of knights in the city of Souziya, but they had managed to escape from the situation.

 When they tried to invade the city of Souziya again, they were unable to even get close to the city because the knights who had pursued them continued to set up tents and encamp outside the city.


「Why don’t those guys go back to guard the city… It’s as if they can’t return to the city」

 The Dark King continues to click his tongue in an annoyed manner.

「Dark King-sama, what can I do for you? 」

 At the words of his entourage, the Dark King clicked his tongue loudly.

「… Contact the guy in the demon king’s army now. Tell them that they will get a reward if they interrupt Souziya’s festival, then they will surely stupidly submit 」.

「I understand. I’ll use a mage to contact them as soon as possible at once.」

 The entourage bowed to the Dark King and walked to the back of the cave.

 The Dark King watched him off after him.


… I’m going to have to watch that event turn into a complete disaster to make you pay for it.


 As he thought about it, he clicked his tongue in an annoyed manner.



◇ ◇ ◇ Marathon Venue – before the start of the family course


 There were a considerable number of parents and childrens at the starting point.


 In the midst of it all.

 Lys holding hands with Garyl.

 Slape with Risley on his shoulders.


 The two of them glared at each other with a straight face as they flickered sparks at each other.


「I’m sorry, but the winner will be taken by me and Risley.

「What are you talking about? With me and Garyl, we had no rivals, you know? 」

 Both of them were glaring each other, as if sparks flying off each other’s heads.


 Beside them, Garyl was wagging his tail in a spirit of motivation.


 Risley, on the other hand, with a blatant sense of exhaustion on her face, turned her gaze toward Birelli, who was sitting in the supporters’ seats with her hands in the air.


… Mom, I don’t want to run~…


 Yes, she was appealing to her with her eyes.


 By the expression on Risley’s face, Birelli could see everything.

「But~ Slape-sama was really looking forward to it」.

 She could only keep waving her hands in the air, smiling bitterly on the spot as she couldn’t move, knowing how Slape was feeling.


 Aside from such a depressed atmosphere…


『All right, go!』

 With a signal from Milky, a town hall employee, everyone began to move in unison.


 With kids in the crowd, most of them started to move at a leisurely pace.

 Among those groups.


 Slape with Risley on his – just (barely) safe – shoulder

 Lys on a dash with Garyl


 These two groups were rushing out of the way with extraordinary speed.


 There were many demi-human parents and children in the participants, and although there were some participants that were reasonably fast, the speed of these two groups was outstanding.


「That’s quite a feat! 」

「That’s my line! 」

 With thus the Dead Horse Tribe and the Fanglord Tribe, two of the fastest races among the Demon Race, their speed was extraordinary, and in the blink of an eye, they could barely see the goal.


… Duh! I can’t lose!

… I can’t lose!


 Both of them are trying to exert their final power.

 The power that surged in their bodies was released at once, and when they tried to accelerate for the last time. 


 The two arms of NoMoreSM-kun began to emit alarm sounds.


『Participant No.0938 Lys-san, disqualified for using magic』

『Participant No.0637 Slape-san, disqualified for using of magic』


「What you say? 」

「What?! 」


 The two are startled by the announcement and stop in their tracks


 From the corner of Lys’s eye, she saw Slape in the form of a demon dead horse.

 From the tip of Slape gaze, he saw Lys in the form of the Demon Fanglord tribe.

 It had appeared in front of each of them.


「We both got too carried away and transformed…」


 They were looking at each other, rolling their eyes at each other, then Fulio who’s holding Elisabeth’s hand while walking fast, passed them with a wry smile.



◇ ◇ ◇ Marathon venue, free course 「long」 before the start


 There were quite a few people gathered around the starting line.

 This free course 『long』 was extremely popular because the top finishers would receive valuable magic items from Cryroad Castle, and it was so popular that participants came from not only the surrounding cities, but also from distant cities.


『Before we begin, Mayor Carter Walker would like to say a few words.』

 Following the words of Milky, a town employee, a man who appears to be middle-aged, walks up to the starting platform.

 From the platform, he looks around the people gathered around the starting line, and then he takes the microphone in his hand and speaks into the crowd.

『Gentlemen! This is Carter Walker! We are very pleased and thrilled to have so many of you here!』

 Yes, he was screamed, looked like he was so moved and began to cry.

『I put all my feelings into this song! Please listen to me!』

 As Carter Walker spoke, the staff members who had been waiting underneath the platform took out their instruments and began to play.

 Carter-Walker suddenly began to sing with those instruments as background.


「… Fumu」

 Gozaru who was waited for the start while folding his arms, watching at Carter Walker who was on the stage pumping his fists in the air and enthusiastically singing.

「A motivation booster through song, that’s quite a feat, that man」.

 He was nodding his head in agreement.


 But, This town mayor, Carter Walker.

 He is famous for his emotional response and singing at every event.

 There was never an intention for motivation booster.


 「… Fumu」

 The blonde hero who was in a slight distance from Gozaru, watching at Carter Walker who was on the stage pumping his fists in the air and enthusiastically singing.

「A motivation booster through song, that’s pretty good, that guy」

 He was nodding his head in agreement while saying that.


 But, This town mayor, Carter Walker… (Omitted due to annoying)


 For a short time, Blonde Hero who watched the scene from afar..

「… Hm? 」

 He suddenly looked back as if he felt something.


 And at that moment


 NoMoreSM-kun on the arm of blonde hero began to emit an alarm sound.

『Participant No. 0079 Gold Haired Braveman-san, you are disqualified for using skill』


「W- What the hell? 」

 The blonde brave turned to Valantine and the others in the cheering section, baffled by the sudden trigger..

「You guys! I know you would have liked to see me win, but now it’s urgent!! 」

 After saying that much, he rushed out of town.


「Eeee! What’s the matter with you? Blonde hero sama! 」

 Valantine’s bewildered expression appeared on her face at the sight.


 By the way, in her hand, there was a huge flag with a stick that is three times her own height 『Fight blonde hero-sama!』, ruining the fake name registration that he was made.

She was wearing handmade blonde brave supporters’ goods all over her body.


「From Blonde Hero sama looks, there must be some intuitions」

 Tsuya, who was beside Valantine, was running towards the direction that the blonde brave man had run in while taking out a drill bulldozer scoop from his magic bag.

「Aah! Please wait Tsuya sama! 」

 Valantine was followed behind while flipping the flag.

「Aa! both of you! 」

 Lillianju, who had been ordered by Valantine to wear a navel-looking miniskirt and hold a golden bonbons in both hands, hurriedly followed the two people.



◇ ◇ ◇ In the back of the starting point of the marathon venue/free course 「long」


「I think it’s the time for humans to submit to the Demon King’s army! 」

 One of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King’s Army, the Bloodsucking Super Villainous Spiritual Woman, revived Juteimo, had suddenly appeared from the back of the starting point and walking towards the people gathered at the starting point.


 The sudden appearance of this demon race caused a chaos from the people gathered at the starting point.


「As I think, it’s good for you to go chaos, yeah as I think! 」

 Juteimo waved her right hand wide as she looked at such a group.

 Taking that as a cue, the four slime people who were waiting behind Juteimo


「Yes! Let’s go wild! 」

「Umu, I’m gonna rampage」

「Goliath-sama, I’ll follow you forever」

「I’m going to be the wildest! 」


 They raised their spirits in a spirited manner and rushed toward the crowd.




 The four slimes that were about to rush in with full force had all disappeared in just two seconds from the start of their rush.


「Wh, Wha..! 」

 Juteimo ‘s eyes widened at the sight, shocked.


 In front of Juteimo ‘s eyes.

『Participant No. 0976, Mr. Gozzal, disqualified for using magic』

 Gozaru appeared with an annoyed expression on his face when NoMoreSM-kun on his arm began to emit an alarm sound.


 Gozaru turned his angry expression to Juteimo.

「I’m disqualified because of you! What are you gonna do about this? ! 」

 He said that with a full face of anger.


 To the four slimes that suddenly appeared after him, Gozaru had reflexively used an annihilation magic – ultra-magic class – on them.


 Gozaru raised his right arm with an angry expression on his face.


 However, this time Juteimo was different. The moment Juteimo saw Gozaru’s figure in her vision, she turned to the opposite direction of Gozaru and dashed away with tremendous force as it was, running away.


「Mu… Mu」


    Gozaru, who had missed Juteimo because of her unexpectedly fast escape, was frozen in place, with his right arm raised in anger.


◇ ◇ ◇.


 Juteimo, who had somehow managed to escape in front of Gozaru, was running frantically.

「Ah, I think, I wonder why Goul is in the place where the Dark King asks for help… 」

 Juteimo was so impatient that she forgot to even fly and was running so hard.

「I think it would be better for me to go to another place」


 As she said all that, the figure vanished from the ground.


◇ ◇ ◇.


 The blonde hero is checking out Juteimo, who is skewered by the spear in the pit hole.

「Seriously, I’m disqualified because of you…what will you do about this now?」.

 He clicked his tongue annoyingly.

「So which marathon are you going to run next? We’ll be cheering you on in this outfit! 」

「Stupid! It would be too flashy for you to be dressed like that. You too, Lillianju! 」

「Yeah! I-It’s just that my outfit, Va, Valantine-sama ordered me to… 」

「I don’t want to hear excuses! Get ready!」

 The blonde hero stood up as he said that and stored his partner, the drill bulldozer scoop in his hand, into his magic bag.

「Yes? Where are we headed? 」

 Tsuya turned to the blonde hero with a questionable expression. To such Tsuya, the blonde hero clicks his tongue once.

「You know where the next marathon will be held, don’t you! You should know that! 」

「Y-yes! I- I am sorry」

 As this conversation happened, the blonde hero and his group left the city of Souziya.

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