Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 6

 Nice to meet you, I'm Emmy!


Yahooo everyone, hello!

My name is Emmy, and I'm a five year old girl!

In my previous life, I was a dull high school girl named Aihara Runa, but for some reason, I was reincarnated in this different world called Ardist with Omake-sama, the 『God's Vessel』!

In this life, I live in a cold village ( straight ) called Fenoben Village ...... Yeah, I live here, I'm a normal (I think) village girl! With dark hair and dark eyes, and despite the fact that I'm just a village girl, my skin is white, and if I do say so myself, I'm a pretty beautiful girl! Ehehe!

Ah! It's the farmer next door, Rand Oji-san! Konnichiwa~~!

「...... Tsk! Hey, brat! Stay away from my field!」

Rand Oji-san picked up a pebble at his feet, took a big swing and ...... threw it!

Quickly jump to the side and avoid it.

It's so dangerous~! Is Rand Oji-san in a bad mood? You'd normally throw a rock at a beautiful five-year-old girl? Though, you won't hit anything with such a lame shot like that anyway.

I tried to provoke him with a repetitive zig-zag jump in a good mood.

「You little bastaaaaaard!」

Oh, man, that's a real mess! He's coming after me with a scythe! We need to get out of here!

◇ ◇ ◇

「Hah Hah Hah! ......! Fuck ......! Where the hell is that cursed child?」

Yeah, above your head, in the tree. I've been training hard, with help Omake-sama's advice. I'm a stealth master now! There's no way I would caught by just a single old man who's recently started to worry about his middle-aged weight!

Quickly just go away! ...... There you have gone.

I quickly get down from the tree and make my way to my destination.

What the hell is the matter with you, Rand Oji-san?

That man is accusing me as a potato thief without permission! I didn't do that! Even if I'm on a string, I can still eat grass roots in the forest and other things to keep me from starving. That being said, since my house is the poorest in the village of Fenoben, wouldn't you be willing to share a potato or two with me?

Ah, cursed child, that's me. 

It's rare to have dark hair and dark eyes around here (even my parents don't have dark hair or dark eyes. I guess it's a cross gene?) and the fact that I'm wearing rags all the time and I'm looks dirty ....... Also, in this world, I seem to have dead facial muscles, expressionless face. ...... I'm not used to interacting with people and I'm not very talkative. Whenever I needed to talk, I'd talk to Omake-sama in my head, so that might explain why I was a bit bad at that! 

Well, anyway, for that reason, I'm pretty creeped out by the adults in the village! Hence the infamous nickname cursed child!

Come on, look over there! There are children in the village playing, right? I've been reincarnated and I thought I was going to make lots of friends in this life - ....... These adults who don't like me are keeping me away from other kids! The adults are spouting slanderous accusations about me 『Don't get close to her because you'll be cursed』 or whatever it is to their children! Don't be so rude!

In fact, there's always one adult following the children where they're playing and watching to ensure that dangerous things don't get anywhere near them. ...... I seem to be categorized as one of those 『dangerous things』, so I'm physically prevented from getting close to them!

For example, the red-haired boy playing in the center of everyone over there...... His name is Torch-kun, I think, he's the same age as me, and he's so young, he probably doesn't even recognize me.

...... Yup.

That said, I think you somewhat understand from what I've been saying so far, I'm actually poor in my own right.

Next, I'll introduce you all to my family!

Look! Just look at that, the now collapsing thorny house on the edge of the village ...... That's my family house in this life! FYI.

I'm going to quietly peek through the cracks in the wall to see if I can get a glimpse inside. ...... There it is.

「Ga-...... Guga ......」

It's the middle of the day and that man over there who's drunk and snoring loudly is my father in this world, Cody! As you can see from the stubbled face and messy trash dumpster, he's just a very trashy adult!

I heard that he used to be an adventurer or something, and made his money by killing demons! He's retired as an adventurer because he broke his leg, but he can still fight better than most people, so he's working as a bouncer here in the Fenoben village (supposedly)! I never saw him working because it's peaceful, though! The people in the village have been talking behind his back about 「Gokutsubushi」! Poor thing! (*Gokutsubushi = good-for-nothing/parasite)

Ee? My mother?

Apparently, my mom was an adventurer too, and she was quite beautiful!

She came to this village to stay with my retired father, but after she finished weaning me, she left us with a handsome peddler guy who came to the village and followed him out!


...... Oops, I shouldn't. I can't help but be filled with a desperate desire to kill! We have to hide it, we have to hide it!

Luckily, I have omake sama in my head to give me advice on what I can eat and so forth, so I managed to survive!

Actually, in this world, nutritious bugs and such can be found in pretty many places! (t.n. yeah you can imagine if you found a 5 years old girl eat a bug, wahahahaha! 😅)

People don't know about that, so I managed to eat all the bugs in the village or neighborhood forest!

Thanks to this, although I'm poor, I'm confident that my nutrition is pretty good, right? right Omake-sama!?

Ah, perhaps the reason Rand Oji-san thinks I'm a potato thief is because he saw me picking and eating worms in the field?

Well, It doesn't matter.

Let's just get on with our objective while Cody is asleep, shall we?

Sneak, sneak .......

Avoiding the trash scattered around the house and trying not to make a sound, I advance to the kitchen where the flies (or something like that) are buzzing.

...... There it is! Found you salt!

You can't get these seasonings in the forest. Cody can't do much cooking on his own anyway, so let's take it. Just enough so he won't find out.

Well, I'm actually living not in this house right now, but in a nearby forest, where I've built a base there!

Cody doesn't try to raise his children in this state, he will beat me up if our eyes meet, and the villagers treat me like I'm sinister, so it's hard for me to stay in the village. ......

Basically, I live a very self-sufficient life by hunting and gathering in the forest. I'm such a 5 year old ( serious face ).

Ah, it's something that can be done with Omake-sama's advice plus some grown-up personality and knowledge of previous lives, so normal 5-year-olds should never imitate it!

Even I've almost died many times. It was usually fatal.

...... Alright, that's the end of what I was going to do today.

There's still some time before it gets dark, and I can't wait to get back to the forest and hunt!

Here's what my life in different world Ardist looks like!

It's a lot of hard work, but I'm living my life to the fullest! It's been a very busy life!

I'm going to do my best to survive from here on. ~~~~~!


What is this survival childhoooood?!!!!

The situation is worse than the previous liiiiiiife...!!!!!

I cried loudly deep in my heart.

But as usual, my facial muscles are dead.


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  1. Thanks for picking this novel up

  2. (t.n. yeah you can imagine if you found a 5 years old girl eat a bug, wahahahaha! 😅)
    -Idk about 5 yo girl, but I've seen loli Dragon eating insects and crabs before.

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  4. I love how it starts with a lovely “walk” then “greetings” with the villagers and lastly a show of her “crib”. Lol. But FR this is straight up a survival story. I read a review that this story has a great blend of “comedy and tragedy”. Man was it accurate.