Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 7

 Let's hunt the vermin rats in the forest!

...... Haah.

With a sigh, I continue through the forest next to Fenoben Village, Naso forest, my base. 

The time is probably around two o'clock in the afternoon if it were in my previous life. It's early summer and the days are quite long enough, but I can't stay up late. I need to secure some fresh meat for tonight as soon as possible.

It started with self introduction in high tension, then sighing in depression ...... Emmy is quite busy today, isn't she?

My life companion in my head, Omake-sama, chuckles and talks to me. 

Aaa, yeah, I just thought I'd try to sort out the current situation once in a while .......Then, when I got it sorted out, the awfulness of it took a mental toll on me. I'm sorry, all of a sudden. I know it was weird because of the high tension earlier, right?

I'm totally fine! I'm used to Emmy's antics!

Omake-sama who cheerfully replied that way. This guy, I've been with her for a long time, and I've come to understand that she's a pretty good-natured and generous person. And sometimes she can be insensitive. What an odd thing to do.

But rather than that, look at the leaves in the front. The leaves in the front, it's pretty verminous. I'm sure it's full of pollyworms. Please be careful.

No problem, I'm continuing to do myBody Strengthening


Yes, let me explain a few things here.

First of all, Naso forest is a bright forest with sparse, large trees, and in the early spring it's a beautiful place. However, the sunlight causes a serious problem during the summer. The reason for this is the overgrowth of plants called Naso. This is why this forest is called Naso Forest because it is full of these plants.

Naso is a plant with thick roots and large, round leaves similar to those of a Japanese knotweed in my previous life, which grows rapidly in bright areas and continues to grow taller than an adult by early summer. Well, it's a grass that grows taller anyway, and since there aren't many leaves at the base, it's easier for a short five-year-old like me to walk on it. ......

The trouble is, this naso is a favorite of a poisonous caterpillar called pollyworm. It's not deadly to touch, but if the hairs get stuck in your skin, it makes you very itchy. That's why I'm constantly usingBody Strengthening so that my skin's defenses don't get stuck by the hairs.

That being said, the clothes I'm wearing are Cody's old shirt and pants that were cut at elbow and knee length with no defense at all. Plus, I don't have shoes, I walk around barefoot, so I can't afford to cut Body Strengthening to avoid getting injured.

Ah, Body Strengthening is a technique that uses magic power to make the body strong. 

This world, The World of Swords and Magic, was mentioned by Omake-sama some time ago before reincarnation, magical power ...... More specifically, it's a world where magical power, the source of magic, exists. The Body Strengthening is a very popular magical power manipulation technique, and most people use it even just a little bit unconsciously.

In my case, I went bye-bye (softer phrase) to my mother after weaning myself, so in order to survive from the abandonment (straight phrase), I needed to strengthen my body at any rate. That's when Omake-sama taught me how to use Body Strengthening, which she saw in the Fighting God’s Isekai Tensei DocumentaryIt's made my body stronger, my injuries heal easier, and I don't get a stomach ache from eating bugs anymore! 

Furthermore, according to the information that Omake-sama saw in the Magical God's Isekai Tensei Documentary, it seems that creatures in this world have a template setting which says that if you continue to use magic power from the early age, the total amount of magic power will be increased, and my total amount of magic power, which I continue to use through Body Strengthening, is also increasing as an omake.

I'm not sure how high my current ability value is compared to an average 5-year-old, but ...... without a doubt, I'm much stronger and sturdier than a 5 year old in my previous life standard. That will be enough to allow me to live alone in the forest.

Really, I don't know if it's because of my magical power or not, but my body in this life is quite strong in specs, and it's helping me. On the contrary, I wonder why I wasn't able to study and exercise that well in my previous life.

Alright, let's get off to a quiet start.

On the underside of the leaf in front of me, there were a lot of pollyworms attached to it, just like Omake-sama mentioned.

Each one of them is a chubby, black caterpillar about the size of an adult's thumb, and if you're not used to seeing them, they're quite disgusting.

In the past, I remember peeking through the bushes to observe these creatures stuck on the green vegetables in Rand Oji-san's field as his wife was making a fuss about them.

I grabbed it casually, plucked the hairs out of the body, and then threw it into my mouth.

The texture was munchy and salty, and although there are other caterpillars out there that tasted better, it was an OK snack for when I was hungry.

Still, it can't be the only main dish tonight.

After all, we want to eat a lot of meat at night, right?

Not bugs, but animal meat, you know.

I've been a carnivorous girl in my past life!

! Emmy, look at that.

...... Ah, there it is, Omake-sama. Rolling around, their shit....... Still warm. It must be close. Here it is.

Hurry hide your presence

I don't need to be told.

Stop moving and focus. Become one with the forest. Imagine to erase any presence. ......

What I'm doing now is a technique called Presence BlockingThis is a technique that Omake-sama saw in Hunting God’s Isekai Tensei Documentary, a hunter's essential technique (or rather, this person is really a maniac for Isekai Tensei Documentary).

Without making any noise, I completely stop the magic power that usually slightly leaks out of my body. I remain there for a while, waiting. I am a stone. I'm a stone that's harmless to everyone. ...... and. Three minutes later, my prey climbed up from its den at the bottom of the tree, its nose twitching and crawling.

It's a rat.

Its official name is Naked Nasty Rat.

It was a hairless rat that looked like a green-colored version of the naked rat in my previous life. The length is about 20cm.

In this world, any being that causes harm to people, whether strong or weak, is called Demon. That's a very human-centered and rough classification, isn't it? These guys are weak, but they live near human settlements and devour crops, so they're just barely a demon.

They are bad. The taste.

That's why they are named Naked Nasty Rat.

The meat was stinky, hard and bitter.

In the Fenoben village, people regularly set traps to exterminate the rats to protect their crops, but they never eat the rats, even though they kill them. They only kill them and then dig a hole to bury them. ...... But meat is meat, no matter how much it stinks, right?

The meat of the naked nasty rat is smelly, hard and bitter, but not poisonous.

So that means it's edible meat! (Well, I would still eat caterpillars and stuff, even if they were poisonous.)

Oh, what a waste of time those Fenoben Village people have been through!

If I wasn't a cursed child, I'd take all that exterminated rat meat and eat it all!

Emmy! Stay in focus ......

Oops, I'm sorry, Omake-sama.

I grab a pebble from my pocket and take a hold. The naked nasty rat sniffs the ground, twitching its nose. It's an omnivore. Probably it is looking for insects that are crawling on the ground.

But alas.

You won't able to eat. 

Because ...... You'll be my dinner!

............ Shoo!

Instantly and focused on my arms with Body Strengtheningand then throw the pebbles. I use to throw pebbles for hunting every day. My Stone Throwing skills are quite high. It cannot be compared to an amateur like Rand Oji-san or other amateurs.

The pebble that shot from my right hand hit the rat's head as if it were sucked in! He (she?) was unconscious and unmoving. I quickly approach and twist its neck, just in case.

I used my favorite sharp pebble to rip out its belly and get the stinky stuff out. The process of dealing with this part is also based on a technique that Omake-sama saw in the Hunting God’s Isekai Tensei DocumentaryWell, it looks like they didn't eat any rats in that documentary, though. Anyway, with that, I've secured the main dish for tonight.

Now we just need to gather some tasty veggies along the way and make a salad! No matter how much carnivorous girl I am, I still have to eat veggies for the sake of beauty!

Emmy, it's not a vegetable. It's a grass

Oh gosh! Omake-sama, the details do not matter. If it's edible, it's a vegetable, to me. In other words, it's no overstatement to say that all edible plants in this world are vegetables.

Insects, grasses, rats, and so on.

This world is full of food.

What a wonderful, easy-to-survive different world it is!





















Damn it~ttttttttttt~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Living alone in the forest without parents from childhood! Living by eating poisonous caterpillars and rats and such!


Stop screwing aroundddddddd~~~~~~~~~!!!!










Emmy, don't you think you're being a little too emotional today? Are you okay?

 ...... Yeah, I guess I'm a little tired.

 As soon as I get back to my base today, I will eat and go to bed. ......

*The next update will be long

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