Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? Episode 1

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Chapter 1

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Alicia von Fiber, Princess of the Duke of Fiber, Kingdom of Ghana. I am currently 15 years old and have been educated since I was seven years old as the betrothed of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.


This is a secret that I haven't told anyone, actually...  I'm a reincarnated person. My memory returned when I was five years old, and I haven't told my parents about it, but somehow in a previous life ... I was a man.

Even after I remembered my memories, my life was somewhat difficult. Obviously, as a man in my previous life, acting like a woman of a noble family was in some way a pain in itself.


The idea of marrying a man, even if the man is the Crown Prince was really troubled me. But thanks to 15 years of life as a lady of dukedom, I have managed to grow into a woman who educated and perfect.

Since I'm from a duke's lineage, I'm proud to say that my appearance is beautiful, even when I look at myself in the mirror, I couldn't help admiring myself! but I'm very frustrated that my good looks and the fact that I was born with great magical powers, led to my engagement to the Crown Prince.


However, there is a slight of hope in this life!

There's a curriculum at the Kingdom Academy that the children of the nobility or the heirs of the nobility, must take. They have to enter the school at the age of thirteen and attend for three years. One day a transfer student came in, apparently, she lived as a commoner before, but a baron adopt her in and enrolled her in the academy.


After the arrival of that new student, Miss Marie, the academy began to fall into chaos. It seems that she has captured more than one of those good-looking sons of noblemen, there are now a number of them in attendance all the time. And among them, there is, His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.


This is that thing, isn't it? There's a high probability of a broken engagement happening, right? Honestly, I think it looks good, I'm quite pleased to admit. But! Her character... or rather, her flirtatiousness with male partners was a mental anguish, which I hardly ever displayed.

That's why His Highness has always called me "boring" and "not cute". Certainly I am a woman, but I prefer pretty women, so much so that it would be safe to say that I am a man inside, and I never want to have romantic feelings for a man, so I can't help but be cold to my fiancé!



Well, because of those circumstances, I'd like to wish Miss Marie the best of luck!

In my former life in japan, there're many stories that similar to this right? where the story ends in a false conviction and then the execution. Because of that, I convinced that I must to act like a perfect lady at the school and in the castle.


Most importantly, my actions as future mother of the kingdom are being watched and recorded by the Queen's underlings. In this world, there are magical artifact called recording crystal, which function just like Earth's video cameras, and it record every move I made, except for my room, bath, and toilet, in order for Her Majesty to control my movements, which it could help me prevent any false accusations from being made.


Anyway, since Her Majesty is scheduled to be off with His Majesty the King in three days' time to inspect the neighbouring territories, I am very much hoping that if anything is going to happen, it will be done at that moment... An engagement annulment and banishment would be the best result I could ask for.


I can say that I have quite a bit of magical talent, and I've been secretly trained myself since I was a child. As for my magical powers, I was evaluated at church when I was five years old, and they said that I was equal to the current head of the court's magical division.

Magic is all about the imagination, and after recovering my Japanese memories, I'm sure there was no shortage of them. I have developed enough magic myself that it can be called a unique magic and altough if I'm exiled from the country, I'm confident that I can turn back everything even if it against dozen horde of demons.

Now, let me tell you about a deadly magic I have developed myself. The result of my own imagination and fantasy, that magic is...

[Laser beam]

It's simple, right? I've actually tried it, and my laser beam can cut through mountains. I think the range is practically around two to three hundred kilometers before it's out of the magical power. It even managed to wipe away a mountain that looks a bit farther away...

Oh, I'm getting excited. I can't wait for the engagement to be broken off.


Now... since going outside the room will be recorded by the watchdogs, let's stay in the room to research the new spell with my magic and imagination. The magic I'm currently researching is the transition magic that everyone in magical societies dreams of. I've already finished it in the major parts of the process, but somehow it's consuming too much magic power. I'm currently researching how to reduce the consumption...

Oh, of course, I'm keeping it a secret. I'm the only one who can use this magic at the moment, and it's working well enough for the reincarnation cheat effect.


So today we'll start training in magic and swordsmanship so that we don't have to worry about being banished. First, we need to use transference magic to get out of the royal capital.

There are some reasons for me to training my swordsmanship, I believe that when it comes to the engagement annulment, it's a set-up that it will result in the revocation of my nobleman status and banishment from the royal capital. As I mentioned earlier, I am the eldest daughter of a duke's family, but my family has avoided me because they say I am not affectionate and that I am a puppet. If the Crown Prince breaks off the engagement, I am sure that my father, whose reputation is more important than my family, will exile me without a doubt, but he must have another plan to use me as a tool too. Just be careful of what he might think.


I felt that if I were be banished, it would be a bit difficult to survive on magic alone, so I decided to learn swordsmanship. Most importantly, all the magic I've fired with my magic power is very powerful... and it's very difficult to hold back. That is why I have to use swordsmanship! moreover, I have developed a magic called [Light S*ber] as a derived version of special magic [Laser Beam]!


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