Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? Episode 10

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Chapter 10



Though I don't have to say it out loud I can still shoot a beam rifle, but somehow it felt a little better. This is the 9th floor, the first 5 floors were already crowded and hunted down, but from the 6th floor, there were fewer and fewer people, so now I'm practicing for real battle.

On this 9th floor there were orcs, a bipedal monster with the a pig face. It's a big, beefy guy, about 250cm tall, and weighs about 300kg.

This Orc meat seems to be quite tasty and is commonly traded. So I'm storing the defeated orcs as they were, and these that were stored will be donated to orphanage or something else in the town where I will stop next time. Children are our future treasure, you know.

But still, the stock of orcs has exceeded 100. As expected, it's too much, so let's sell some in the guild.

Beam rifle is very easy to use, it penetrates and I don't have to worry about the flesh wall (blocking). I look at my pocket watch and it's pointing to 4pm. It's time to get back to the ground, let's quickly defeat the boss on the 10th floor and release the transition magic circle. Tomorrow, I can start with thus magic circle on the 10th floor, so there is no reason for me not to defeat it.


Then I arrived at the boss's room. What was waiting for me there was a slightly large orc equipped with a black armored helmet. Is this that one? In game knowledge, it's probably more like an orc leader or an orc general, it doesn't feel like a king, so it's probably not an orc lord.

There are five regular orcs to accompany it...




There is no need to say it out loud, but the beam rifle is a wild one. So that was pretty cool.

It took me less than 5 seconds to wipe them all out, the beam rifle is fantastic. Okay, now let's get back to the ground for a quick meal and a bath. Ah, before we do that, let's go to the guild and sell the orcs for money, I hope I can dispose of about 50 of them, at most, depending on the acceptance.

 I activated the transition magic circle in a happy mood and in an instant I was able to return to the ground floor. For the first time, I was able to practice magic in the labyrinth, and I could do as much as I wanted. So I walked to the guild in a good mood.


「I'd like to sell some orcs, how many can you accept it up to?」

 The person I approached was the receptionist who worked at the reception desk yesterday. I waited in line hoping that she would be quick to talk to me since she knew about my storage.

 「Orcs... Oh, you have a large storage magic. How many of these do you have?」

「I have about 100 of them, and I have the boss from the 10th floor, but I wish to sell about half of them.」

「You have 100 orcs... with the Red Dragon still in storage, right? Can you still get that much in?」

「Yeah, well, how many of those are you willing to take?」

「If it's whole... apologies, only five will do.」

「Five, well, okay, I understand.」

「Then I'll take you to the dismantling area.」

 At the dismantling area, the workers who were retrieving materials for the Red Dragon yesterday were working diligently. Following the instructions, the 5 orcs are taken out.

 「Since the orcs are in good condition, we'll give them 10 gold coins each. Minus 20% of the dismantling fee, that makes 8 gold coins per orc. Total of 5 Orcs, that would be 40 gold coins.」

「I understand, it's surprisingly pricey in its full body, isn't it?」

「That's true, except for the blood and some of the internal organs, most of it is consumable, so if you distribute that huge body of meat, the price per unit isn't too high. It's a popular foodstuff for commoners to eat as well.」

「I see.」

 While I was chatting with the receptionist and getting the payment, I heard a rattling sound from behind me, I think they must be wearing full body armor. If they are wearing that kind of armor, they must be have a lot of money, because it costs a lot of money to maintain it.


「Finally found you! Miss Alicia.」


 When my name was called, I turned around and saw a familiar face, Knights of the Ghana Kingdom Army... and aah, His Royal Highness, the Third Prince. The youngest of three royal brothers, I heard that he was quite selfish and arrogant, but what is he doing here?

Huh? You didn't come to take me back, did you? No, no, I don't care how much of a prince you are, you can't act insolence in another country.

 「Miss Alicia, thank you for defeating the Red Dragon. Now let's go back to the Ghana kingdom.」

「I don't know what you're talking about, but I am not related to Ghana Kingdom anymore, not even to my family. I've already severed ties with my family, and I've been personally ordered by His Highness the Crown Prince to leave the country, so there is no way for me to return to the Ghana Kingdom.」

「Oh, don't worry about big brother, you will be the betrothed of the newly crowned Second Prince. Let's just stop playing adventurer and go home.」

「That's a horrible way to say I'm playing adventurer, I refuse to accept it because I have something to do. I don't want to go home after all the humiliation I've been put through.」

「What are you talking about? This is a royal order. I'd appreciate it if you can stop being so selfish. But if you're going to argue with me any more, I'll take you home by force.」

「Royal orders or whatever, I am no longer a citizen of the Ghana Kingdom, so I have no reason to obey them, even if it is a royal order」

「Rude! If you can't obey the royal order, then it's no use, I'll take you there with all my might.」

「Rude...? Aren't you the rudest person in the world? This is the Truffle Kingdom and inside the Adventurer's Guild, and you, the third prince, have no authority here.」

「What did you say? If you still persistent, knights, get her!」


【This is an Oracle. Ghana Kingdom confirms the declaration of war by the Royal Family against my Apostle. The repeated disrespect for my Apostle, and the use of force against her, despite having been warned before, it is inexcusable. I hereby revoke all of my blessings upon the Royal Family of Ghana and the nobles who follow them. From now on, you will no longer be able to use any of your magic. I will definitely consider additional punishments for any member of the royal family who has wrongfully accused my beloved child of false accusations and banishment】


「Ara ara my dear, I'm sorry for you to heard that. However, you got what you deserved, and if you've lost your blessings, it's going to be hard to get back to your country from here, and you can't even move with that armor on, can you? Ara ara, how pitiful.」


A stunned third prince and his knights, who could not move because their body-strengthening magic had been cut off, remained standing there without a word...


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