Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? Episode 11

Chapter 11

guahahahahahaha! That's a disappointment for your grand entrance, prince-sama.

 The one who suddenly started laughing loudly was an adventurer who was drinking in the tavern inside the guild. Well, he was speaking quite loudly, wasn't he?

The oracle just now, are you the cause?

 Finally, even the guildmaster has come out. This would be a good idea to go back to the inn before we get into any trouble.

Then I'll leave it to you, and I'll be back in the labyrinth tomorrow, so please do me a favor.

Oh, hey, wait a minute!

 The guildmaster is shouting something, but I can't hear him. Since I am no longer a duchess, I don't have to worry about being scolded for being too impolite to run in public, so let's make a dash for it.

 It's morning. As expected of a high-class inn, the guildmaster had made a personal attack on the inn during dinner yesterday, but he seems to have successfully shut it out. My deepest gratitude.

 His Highness the Third Prince, I believe it was Gilbert-sama, I wonder what has happened since then. I'm sure they'll hang him up when he gets back to his country. Well, it's someone else's business.

 But yesterday's was perfect timing. Is it really being watched all the time, I really can't do anything bad with this.

 I was thinking of hitting on a cute girl and developing a yuri relationship, but I don't think this is going to be possible. It's a shame.

 Anyway, let's get some breakfast and go into the labyrinth. Yesterday, I was too excited and only used a beam rifle, so today, I'll use a light-**ber as my main weapon!

  • Just after the oracle in the palace of Ghana Kingdom.

What the hell is going on? He was so impetuous that he even gathered the court wizards and reinforced horses, and now this Gilbert guy... he's going to destroy the country! Hurry up and get the Duke of Fiber, without further ado, since we have lost our blessings, we must do everything in our power to keep Miss Alicia in the country, surely she will return if her father persuades her to do so.


 The king, sitting on his throne, his face turning bright red as he raged away.

 After the oracle, I tried it, and sure enough, I couldn't use my magic anymore. The crown, which usually doesn't even bother me, suddenly seemed to get heavier.

How could this have happened, Your Majesty? Is it all the fault of this baroness called Marie?

It's true, it was because of that woman's stupid scheme that Alicia left the country. She was supposed to be in the dungeons awaiting execution, and that's unforgivable, so let's switch to a public execution. We need to shift the consciousness of the people, or we won't be able to deal with a rebellion now.

I'll make those arrangements

 With that, the queen left the throne room.

 Immediately after the oracle, Royal Capital was in an uproar, not surprisingly, considering that the God of Creation personally exposed and punished them for what happened to Flora's beloved child, making it odd if they didn't make a fuss.

There were too many witnesses to cover up the Crown Prince's annulment, so the story had already been passed on to the citizens, and their trust in the royal family had fallen to the lowest level... That's the situation.

This is really bad. The only ones who lost their blessings are the princes and nobles. The blessings of the commoners still remain, so if they riot, we'll be killed. If that's the case, we may have no choice but to expose not only the Baroness but the First Prince as a felon as well.

 The king had decided to make even his son as a tool to protect himself.

  • Labyrinth City of Tarai

    I continued on, swinging my light-**ber around, and I was already on the 15th floor.

 And... I was having trouble.

Huh... it was definitely fun at first, but I got bored with it. Apparently, I found out that labyrinth exploration is not for me...I'm at 15th floor now, so should I go back or proceed and use the transfer magic circle...what should I do? The inside of the labyrinth seems to be a different space from the outside, and there's a risk that transference magic won't work. Since we don't know where we'll be sent to, we can't just use it without a second thought, so what should we really do?

 Sitting down with a magic barrier up, crunching and biting into fruit and thinking

    Hmmm, it's still dangerous to do transference magic in the labyrinth, so let's not do it. So, it's either move on or go back... but let's move on! Well, as they say, if you're going to fall down, you're going to fall forward! I guess we should make full use of the beam rifle to reduce the time of battle and focus on moving about as much as possible.


 I swallowed the fruit and ended the break and deployed my detection magic. I decided to proceed with Operation Search and Destroy and keep my feet moving.

    Although the detection magic is highly accurate to an extent that is impossible in the current magical civilization, it can't conveniently find the stairs, so I can only come up with a hard-line strategy using high maneuverability in addition with physical enhancement, I hope that there's not another adventurer who is first attacking a detected demon since I will use beam rifle while moving at high speed.

 5:00 p.m. Maybe it was the result of a brutal attack, but I finally made it to the boss's room on the 20th floor.

Now, orc general who was the boss of the 10th floor? Since it was a small fry enemy that usually showed up, surely the boss here is the one called Orc Lord, right? It must be high quality food. You can take it home and ask the receptionist for a taste of it. Let's go!

 I burst into the room and, as expected, there were orcs with crowns on their heads and five orc generals.

Beam - Be-Be-Beam!

 Beam rifle barrage, and then the battle was over. This time it took less than five seconds.

Hmm... as I thought, my original magic, beam rifle is strong after all.

 Storing the Orcs while indulging in self-satisfaction.

 By the way, in games and novels, in these labyrinths and dungeons, if you beat the boss, there would be a treasure chest... but in real life, there isn't one. I haven't seen any treasure chests in this labyrinth and it's kind of disappointing.

 I return early, take a bath and dinner, quickly release the transition magic circle and return to the surface floor. It would take extra time to go to the guild due to the matter I escaped from yesterday, so I'll head straight to the inn. The guild will be fine tomorrow, I'm sure... maybe.

 The sky has already turned dark, it's time for the good girl to go home. Thinking about the dinner that will be served at the inn, as I walk along with Zunzun, I see a person standing in front of the inn. That thing... is that uniform of the guild staff? You're the receptionist, aren't you! It's an ambush, isn't it? I don't know what to do... Crap, she noticed!


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