Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? Episode 12


Chapter 12


Welcome back, Shea-san, it's good to see you're okay today

 The receptionist spoke to me with a nice smile. It's a smile, but I think I can see the blue veins, a scary smile.

Thank you very much, I'm certainly glad that I am okay today too. So I have to take a bath as soon as possible to celebrate that I made it back alive. I'm in a hurry, so I'll take my leave now

Wait a minute! It's Guildmas! ASAP! He wants to talk to you! 

Wait, please don't shake me up like that.

 The receptionist grabbed me by both shoulders and shaked me back and forth. Kept a smile on her face.

If it's about the Red Dragon material, could you tell the Guildmaster that I'll be there tomorrow morning? 

That's not the only thing I want, yesterday I had a hard time after that, you know? Because another kingdom's Royalty was there... and then they were incontinent and fainted.

Fainting from incontinence... ha ha ha

No, I'm not kidding.

By the way, receptionist-san I haven't heard your name. May I asked for it? 

What? I apologize for that. My name is Monica.

Monica-san, right? As I said earlier, I'll show up at the guild tomorrow morning, so for today... I'm honestly exhausted... 

Right, tomorrow morning, right? Absolutely. ..You promised me, okay? 

Of course, oh by the way, is Orc Lord a tasty one? 

Lord is a fine product, they say it's very tasty... ehHave you reached the 20th level? 

Yes, I just defeated them and came back with the transfer magic circle

The whole thing is usually 20 times the price of an orc, about 200 gold coins.

Oh, well, if that's the case, maybe I shouldn't sell it and eat it myself

Ehh? As expected, you still won't sell it....

I'm going to go into the inn right away to rest today, so have a nice day.

 Whew~ I managed to avoid going out to the guild, I'm really tired today, mainly mentally. After all, it wasn't suitable for me to fight endlessly in a plain landscape with no substitute, was it?

 Let's just take it as a win-win for today.

 I used my clean magic all over my body and walked toward the cafeteria to eat first.

  • In the King's office in Ghana Kingdom.

Your Majesty, His Excellency, Duke Fiber is here to see you.

Well, let him come in here


  The king puts down his quill pen and braces himself for the guest. Duke Fiber's family was founded by the previous king, or in other words, his grandfather's brother. That means they're related, so they're quite influential in their own right, and they have caliber as a noble family. But it seems that he only sees people other than himself as tools, always taking the lead in moving the pieces, and is called a "bloodless demon duke" behind the scenes. 

    To be honest, he don't want to owe such a duke a debt, but if he don't, they'll be in deadlock, with more than hundred knights who have lost their blessings. 

    Even if they did, they would be beaten by ten commoners with blessings. They can't afford to let any more negative feelings towards the royal family develop.

    Not only that, as a nation abandoned by the god of creation, Flora, the neighboring kingdom like Truffle Kingdom and also especially Potato Kingdom, may attack the Kingdom. The Potato Kingdom's territory is in the northern part of the continent, and nearly half of it is covered by frozen land. They have a history of waging war many times to seek out unfrozen land, and it's entirely possible that they'll raise an army on this occasion.

    If a war breaks out now, they will surely lose, and in order to avoid that, the existence of Alicia, who was recognized by the god of creation, Flora, as an [ Apostle ] [ Beloved Child ], is essential so they wouldn't launch a war against Alicia's kingdom even right after the divine punishment was exercised.


    Knock was heard so he let them in.

I heard that you wanted to see me, so I came to see you. What can I do for you? 

Don't you think it's disrespectful, as usual, to the king of a kingdom? 

There is no one in this country who considers you king anymore, and have you forgotten the way you treated my daughter? 

Hmm, you're talking as if you've been loving your daughter all this time. It's an obvious fact that you're treating even your family like a tool. 

It doesn't matter much, the fact that I am the father of the beloved child, the apostle, is what matters. Because if only I had that position, there would be no unwanted, unreasonable people who would turn on me

Does it really? I told you it's an open fact that you've been treating Alicia, the beloved child and apostle, like a tool. The Duke's house, which had treated the Apostle in such a manner, would be an object of hatred. There may be no other way for our country to continue to exist except by welcoming Alicia to the palace. It's inappropriate to bring Alicia back to your house since there are the duke's sons and daughters who despised her, rightAlicia is a human child, too. There's no other way but to settle and bring her back, with you as her father.

You don't think I'm going to pull Alicia in and draw a bow on the royal family? 

The relationship between Alicia and my wife is so good, it's unlikely she'll have any quarrel with the royal family.

It's true that my family is currently in a bind. I'll take care of that, but I can assure you that my house is on equal footing with the crown.

Although I don't mind being on an equal footing with you, I won't allow you to impose heavy taxes on the commoners. No matter how much you related in blood with the apostle, we cannot incite the people's distrust any further.

In the meantime, my family will be leaving tonight, as I've received reports that my daughter was headed to Tarai in the Truffle Kingdom

You must bring her back, or there will be no future for our country and our nobles.

 The duke turned on his heel and left his office without a word of thanks.

  • Royal Capital Residence of Duke Fiber

Welcome home, Master.

Are you ready to leave? We leave tonight. Assemble a few of your followers who have not lost their protection as guards. We are going to fetch my daughter, the apostle, and they will all obey us with great honor.

Yes, sir, I'll get it for you right away.

The Royal residence's personal butler left the place.

Shit... if only the oracle had told me you were an apostle before you left the capital, what a pain in the ass.

Father, I heard that you are leaving tonight. Please take me with you! Alicia will listen to me if I tell her to.

No, you were only taking advantage of your position as older brother so you would only needlessly screw it up. You would have abused Alicia with your sister in tow, it's useless to coming, and when Alicia comes back, I'll make you an illegitimate one. I don't need a useless tool to do that.

Oh no... father! 

Shut up! Just shut up and stay in your room.

 A legitimate son who was shouted at by his father walked to his room and his sister who was peeking out from the shadows was also very pale.

Well, I'd better hurry up too.

 The Duke himself went to his room to get prepared.


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