Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? Episode 2


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Chapter 2

「Alicia von Fiber, I hereby declare to break our engagement 」


    Here it is! The King and Queen went out for an inspection two days ago, and today the school is hosting a party. It was a perfect setting to have a show, so if anything is going to happen, I believe it will be here today!


「What is the reason for such a statement, Your Highness? And did Their Majesties make the same decision? 」

「The reason? How dare you defend yourself! Hey, explain it to her」


    The one who came out at command of His Highness the Crown Prince was the third son of the Marquess family, who is the Prime Minister of the Kingdom, and the second son of the Count family, who is the Knight Commander... So templates are also existed among His Highness the Crown Prince's cronies too.

And then there's the rumored Baroness Marie, behind the Crown Prince.


「There are numerous testimonies of Miss Alicia's actions against Miss Marie, including tearing her dress and hiding her personal belongings」.

「The same goes for Miss Marie's fall the other day! There are witnesses and the victim, Miss Marie, has also claimed to have seen you. You're a filthy woman to all intents and purposes! 」


    Ara ara my dear, for most of the part, things are developing to the way I want them to. Now shall I respond to you?


「The annulment of the engagement. I understand. However, Your Highness, I don't recall all what you just said to me」

「You don't remember? Are you trying to keep fooling around? I have a large number of testimonies, and there is no way out for you! Mostly because I've always hated your unattractive side. I will strip your nobility and get you exiled. 」


    Oh no, this is not good. My face... my face is grinning! It's funny, and it's rather scary because it's going to go on as planned.


「Stripping of nobility status, and banishment from the Kingdom, indeed, as you wish. However, Your Highness, please don't falsely accuse someone innocent. As you may be aware, I am under full surveillance by Her Majesty at all times. I have the royal family's solid record to assure you of where I've been and whether or not my behavior is befitting as a princess. Did you have solid records to attest to? How many witnesses were there? It's going to be hard from now on, isn't it?」

「What? I've never heard of such a thing. and is that the hell even matter for me?」

「No no no, but if you testify against the duke's daughter or even against the crown prince's fiancée with false statements... how much punishment will you face... it's going to be a big deal, isn't it? Speaking of which, Your Highness, who has caused this without solid proof... as I said earlier, I have solid evidence that the royal family can vouch for. I'm sure both the Prime Minister and the Knight Commander will be punished in some way」



    Apparently, there are a few people who are witnessing this travesty that look so pale. I wonder if these people are the witnesses.


「It's nice, right? His Highness the Second Prince is an excellent man. Well then, since I have been exiled, I shall be excused」


     As the result of my royal and queenly educations, I have perfected the art of courtesy.

「I forgot to mention, of course that what happened here and now is also recorded, so let's just say that false reports won't work. Good day to you all」.


    I did it, I did it, I did it! I left the party venue while pulling back my feelings so that they don't show on my face. Shall we quickly use transference magic to leave?


    However, Their Majesties' plans have fallen apart on the merits. If the King had simply changed the rule of the succession, none of this would have happened. When the first prince was chosen as the crown prince, I was chosen as his chief strategist, betrothed to him by order of the King, despite fact there's Second Prince who is more superior. Perhaps Their Majesties will take this opportunity to disinherit the Crown Prince and put the second prince on the throne.

I'm sure the royal family will take care of the rest. Well, let's just pack up our travel plans and get ourselves out of the country!


「Miss? Isn't it a party by now? 」

 The old steward who manages the duke's mansion in Royal Capital approached me with a surprised look on his face.


「There's a lot of things, and how about Father? 」

「What? He said he was on official business and wouldn't be back today」

「Okay, then, please leave a message. "By order of His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, the engagement is hereby annulled, the nobility is revoked, and I am exiled from the country. Tell him/her that I have been indebted to you to this day. When the queen returns, I suggest that she should confirm my actions and take action against the Prime Minister's son, the Knight Commander's son, the Crown Prince, the daughter of the baron and all the witnesses. That way, the name of the duke's family will not be tarnished. Well, I'll get ready and leave right away"」


「Fortunately, this house is quite safe even with me gone, you've been very good to me. Take good care of yourself」


    After saying that, I went back to my room. Let's go! I have about 300 gold coins in my hand, and it would be very heavy and difficult to carry them around if I were to carry them normally, but I can use the spatial storage that can be said to be standard for me, so I don't worry about the weight. After all, the magic of this world is to make all kinds of phenomena come true with magic power and images. If it's images, leave it to me!


    Unfortunately, because of my family background, I have nothing to wear but dresses and gowns, and I don't have any clothes that would allow me to dress as a commoner. For now, let's get one of the maids and ask her to bring out my brother's old clothes, the heir of the duke's family, it still leaves a noble impression, but it's okay, I'll get about three outfits out and go back to my room to change. Yeah, well, it looks quite good.


    Nice outfit! Money well! Cloak and hood combo! We can magically produce as much water as we want, so once we've bought food and done the requirements related to the expulsion, we'll leave the royal capital!


    My memories of my former life as a man have returned, and although I was beautiful, I really didn't want to get engaged and married to a man, I've found the freedom I've been dreaming of for a long time now. From today, I will live my life as a free adventurer, Alicia! I suppose I should change my name... then I'm Shea from today!


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