Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? episode 3


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Chapter 3

    Now, I must leave the royal capital at least before they chase after me. In any case, it was Their Majesties who planned to use the normally incompetent Crown Prince as a pretext for getting me into the royal family, so their absence was also a factor in the Crown Prince’s plan.


    Be that as it may, I have to make a new identity before I leave the royal capital. That’s right! Sign up for the Adventurers’ Guild!

Since we only have gold coins, the idea is to pay the registration fee in gold coins and split the money as well. When dealing with retailers, gold coins are often refused for the sake of change!


    Oh, and since you’re not a duchess anymore, you might have to change the way you speak a bit… but if that can be changed. Well, okay, I’ll leave it there. Forget about that, I guess. Alright, now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s talk about some urgent matters.

(1) Issue a certificate of revocation of nobility at the royal castle. Without it, His Majesty the King will take you back wherever you go.

(2) In addition, a letter of separation from the Duke of Fiber’s family. If you don’t do this, for the same reasons as above, you might be used as a political tool by the current Duke, my father.

(3) Register as an adventurer at the guild. If you don’t do this, you won’t have an ID card, so it will take some time for you to pay the entrance tax and be examined in order to get in and out of town.


    If you’re doing all this in the royal capital, you won’t have any problems until you leave this country. If anything happens, you can do it after you enter a different country.


    Phew, all the red tape is done. But now I’m no longer a commoner or a citizen of this country. It feels like all the shackles have been lifted off my feet at last. Let’s just get our adventurer registration and head out of here.



    The Royal Capital Guild’s door is opened with a creaking sound, and now, when you register with the guild, you’ll have the classic entanglement, so let’s put some magic into it and strengthen our bodies. With this, you can even make the head of an orc explode with one punch!

    Nothing is going to happen… I guess the royal capital’s guild is too sophisticated after all. I’m afraid so, but that’s okay. I’ll have to register.


    We finished paying the registration fee and managed to get it done before the sun went down. Now, we need to stock up on food… and voila! Run away!


    Now, which country shall we go to? According to the geography I’ve studied, there are countless nations on a continent about the size of Eurasia. This country, the Kingdom of Ghana, is the eastern edge of the continent and is surrounded by three nations: the Potato Kingdom to the north, the Truffle Kingdom to the south, and the Crunchy Kingdom to the west.

The Potato Kingdom to the north is cold all year round, and the crops don’t grow well because the land is so barren, so it’s not very good for your beauty, so I reject it. The Truffle Kingdom to the south is… I hated mushrooms in my previous life, so I’ll just go with the name of the country.

Does this mean that heading west is inevitable? The Crunchy Kingdom…I have a feeling it’s going to be somewhat delicious!

So, once again, I’m off to the west!

If you stay in this country, no matter how much the crown prince’s order stripped your nobility from you, it would be immediately rejected by the king’s order. However, as long as you leave this country, the power of the royal family can no longer reach you. It sounds like they don’t get along so well with the surrounding countries.


    Use your body-strengthening magic to run and jump and leave the capital at once. As expected, you can’t use transfer magic in an unknown place, so sightseeing and adventurous activities will be done when we arrive in the neighboring country. That way we can take it easy and calmly.


    Running and jumping, acting very out of character for a duke’s daughter, three days after leaving King’s Landing… I finally crossed the border. Aaah, I was a former Duke’s daughter, amend for correction correction. I only know the royal capital and the dukedom, so from here on out, let’s walk around while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Both the Royal Capital and the dukedom’s domain are considered to be urban areas in the Kingdom of Ghana, so it’s nice to see the countryside

When I look back on my memories of my past life, I was from Tokyo, so I had a bit of a longing for the countryside.


    Let’s look back at a few of my past lives here, shall we? My last education in my past life was a college degree, I was a member of the kendo club in middle school and high school, and I held a 2nd stage at the time of my high school graduation. My memories of that time are… not very useful, to be honest. Kendo is about using a shinai to strike an effective strike with an eye to getting hit. In this world, you’ll be troubled if suddenly you attacked by an expert, but with the 2nd stage and special magic [Light-Sa*er] combination, it will cut through the opponent’s weapons and armor like tofu, however you can’t carelessly catch the opponent’s attack. So I’ve come to the conclusion that the defense will be done with magical barriers to fight.

I didn’t participate in any club or club activities at university, and I spent all my time doing part-time jobs. The problem was that I was extremely poor after graduating and finding a job. The company I worked for was a so-called black company, and I was the embodiment of poverty. The reason for my poverty was the super low monthly salary. I probably died of exhaustion as it was…


    well, It doesn’t matter anymore, now that the barriers of being a duke daughter and royal fiancĂ© are gone, you can live as you please, can’t you? I’ll live my life the way I want to, even if you say no!

Eat all the good food in the world, protect only those you want to protect, and go where you feel like going. Hmmm… I’m suddenly very motivated.


    I digressed, but well, that’s the kind of background I have, so I’m not likely to be able to do the production cheats you often see in novels. The mayonnaise is something we use, and I’ve never made it, I don’t even know the recipe, I can cook a little bit, but since I don’t have the seasoning I used in my previous life, I have no choice but to cook what I learned in this world… If I knew this was going to happen, I would have studied it, but well, that’s the end of the story!


    When it comes to cooking, you’ll be indebted to the local cooks wherever you go. Since the only way you’ll be able to cook for yourself is on the road, we’ve bought a lot of salt and pepper, so we’ll be able to handle it, because salt and pepper are so universal!


    As I walked around in my imagination, I saw my first town since I entered the neighboring Crunchy Kingdom. Since my adventurer rank is naturally F, I might as well get one request before I move on!


 Let’s go!!!!


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