Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? episode 4

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Chapter 4

 I arrived at the town, but as expected . it seems that security is surprisingly strict because it is right across the border. In front of the gate, there’s huge number of people lined.

I casually blend in to the line. Uaah, it looks like I’m getting some attention. Well, it can’t be helped. Perhaps it’s because of my bloodline, I’ve always been told that I have beautiful looks at the time when I was educated in the royal palace, moreover for a 15 year old girl came to the remote town alone… plus on foot (walking) and without any companions! Normally, people would think I’m [supsicious]

I dressed just like any adventurers in the royal capital, but, no matter how I dressed up, I just look like a noble daughter if you just look at the face. However, it doesn’t matter anymore, let’s just let it go.

 Oh, I forgot to put my hood on. That’s a big mistake, let’s put it on now.

 Pull out the hooded robe from the storage, pretend it taken out from the leather backpack I’m carrying~ Hmm, perfect.

 I was relieved that no one notice it, and after two hours later, I was able to get in into the remote town. It was kinda tired.

 Just waiting in line made me so tired, so after finished replenish the food supply, let’s quickly head to the next town. It would be nice thing to sleep in our own bed in outside by deploying the magic barrier than to stay in an inn in this remote town like this one. In addition since we’re the one who manage it, it will be reassurred in terms of hygiene.

 I have bought many vegetables and fruits, so let’s quickly leave the town. From here on, the road splits in three directions : straight to west, south to the truffle kingdom, and north to the potato kingdom… So let’s head south to the Truffle Kingdom and then turn west on our way.

 I just came to this conclusion in three seconds after I left the gate and cuickly headed to the south!


  • The day after Alicia was sentenced to banishment, at the Duke of Fiber’s royal residence

「What? Alicia’s engagement was annulled and banished after her status revoked?」

The one whom the voice raised is the current head of the Duke of Fiber’s family, Alicia’s father. He shouted at the old butler who had come to report to him.

「That idiot! If she became the Crown Princess, the authority of my family would have been raised.」

「Young Miss said that all of his highness statements and arguments were false, and it would be easy for her to plead not guilty, since the watchdog of Her Majesty record all of her moves with the recording crystals. She said that if His Majesty returned from his visit, we could make a plea, so the name of the duke would not be tarnished, in addition we can also get some considerable amount of compensations …」

「It’s all because that stupid prince… she has a huge amount of magic, it would be our loss if we lose her. Arrange some pursuers to come and get her. I’m sure she’s still very useful, and I need you to write the documents and send them to the palace」

「Yes, sir」

The old steward left from his position and headed to his office to write up some documents. He took a long time to write the documents so that Alicia could escape as far away as possible before finally arranged for a pursuer.


  • Three days after the day Alicia was sentenced to banishment, in the royal palace

「What? A complaint has been sent by Duke Fiber? Let me see the documents」

His Majesty has just returned from a tour of the kingdom, with the queen at his side.

「 What? Breaking off engagement, revoking her status and banishment? Sentenced in a party with false accusations of outrageous bullying of a baron’s daughter… that idiot! I want that crown prince here now!  and brings the recording crystals to check all of Miss Alicia’s situations to see if there was any bullying going on!」

「Speaking of which, I heard that a baron’s daughter with little manners has been admitted to the school recently. I also heard that our son was very attached to her, Your Majesty, I think it’s best to call that baron’s daughter and investigate it. Also we must get Miss Alicia back, her power is very important to this country, and we can’t let her go」

「I know, if the duke’s report is correct, then that stupid son must be exiled and get the second prince promoted. We may need to consider to execute that baron family as well for committed treason」


 Then the recording crystals were checked and confirmed that there was no evidence of bullying. And then the records at the party venue were also checked.


「Hey Prime Minister, isn’t this your son? Somehow attacking Miss Alicia in an arrogant manner… is this how you educate your son?」

「No, it’s ridiculous. What the hell with that guy…」

「I’ll have to think of a punishment for you as well, be prepared to lose your honor and minister status. The other one in the picture is the Knight Commander’s son, isn’t it? Bring the Knight Commander to me! Also all those who claim to have the testimonies!」


 A nobleman, called the Prime Minister, left the room with a blue face. When he informed the Knight Commander that his Majesty called him, he hurriedly sent a messenger to send his son to the royal castle.



「 Father, you wanted to see me?」

 Their Majesties, the King and Queen, were seated on the upper side in one of many meeting rooms in the royal castle. Then a young boy came in.

「 I know it’s short notice, but I’ve decided to get you promoted as the new crown prince. From tomorrow, as the next king, you will work harder than you do now on your studies」.

「What has happened to dear brother?」

「He is nothing better, he was seduced by a baron’s daughter, break off the engagement and banished Miss Alicia by falsely accusing her. I’ve already decided to abolish the marriage and imprison him」

「Well, I see, I agree with Father regarding the crown prince.」

「Hmm, I’m not worried about you, you’re naturally smart, but do your best」

「Undertand,  By the way, does Father have a hold on Miss Alicia’s whereabouts? I believe that her power is the power our country needs」

「We’re looking for her now, after all, she was banished 3 days ago. We’re a little bit late. All we know is that she left Royal Capital after register at the Adventurers’ Guild three days ago」

「Oh, I see…I’m afraid the duchess will not be safe to go out there on her own」

「We have to get her back to our country and work for our country at all costs. Then I can get calm」.

「 Yes, my apologies」

 As he left the conference room, the second prince grinned.


「Foolish brother…did he did it to destroy himself? There was no way a man like that could be the next king, even a future would be impossible for him, I suppose that this is more like a good chance for me」

 He went back to his room with a smile on his face.



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