Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? episode 5

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Chapter 5


 「Whew~ It’s a nice morning, as expected for the fourth day, I’m getting used to camping in open air」 

 The magic barrier completely blocked out interferences from the outside as I got up from the bed I brought out from royal capital mansion. Let alone spend the night in a bed with a canopy when it was surrounded by plains, I even created a space where I could rest safely with the defensive barrier magic I’d developed too, truly it was not someone normal would do.

 Magic is an image. In this world, magic is a power that’s so handy which anyone can use it, it can be used to ignite firewood, wash our hands, and even supply the water we use for soup.

 It’s a power that can be used by almost anyone, no matter how big or small the magic, but to develop new magic, it’s very important to have an image of how it will be processed and the results it will have.


 On the other hand, I’m Alicia, had used completely my memory from my previous life to develop many magics that more convenient, useful and effective for the sake of myself using my huge magical powers.


 The magical barriers I used when camping were stronger and safer than any defensive magic that anyone can do…. But to put it simply, would there anyone that such stupidly use that kind of magic just for an encampment? Well, I don’t care what people say.


「Well, Let’s enjoy the day and find our happiness !」


 I took my breakfast of bread and salad and walked to the south. I didn’t realize that there were pursuers coming from the duke and royal family… But It’s not just a matter of time before I’d able to notice it.


「 Hmm? I heard some sound of horse’s steps. Let’s take a break and let them pass first」

 The sound of those horse’s steps in the distance were likely not just one. Forunately, there was just a large rock sitting on the ground, so I went to the back of it and sat down. I pulled out the bowl from storage magic, poured water with magic into it and began to rest.


 After about two minutes, the horses I’d heard earlier was pass off.


「Huh? The rider’s armor looked like it belonged to the knight of Ghana Kingdom. I wonder if it was His Majesty’s decision to pursue me so quickly. This is troublesome, I guess I’ll just have to walk off the road… I don’t want to encounter any of them and face problems」


 If I walk on this road, I’ll go through the royal capital of the Truffle Kingdom and eventually reach the sea. I wanted to see the sea, but I don’t want to feel like the way going on a suicide by take the problem willingly, so I decided to walk off the road and head to the west.


「I don’t know much about the geography of this area or the distribution of towns and villages, but we have plenty of food, so I’m sure it’ll be fine」


 I started walking toward the west with unnecessary worries.



  • Emergency Responses Headquarters, Kingdom of Ghana


 At the top of the throne sat Their Majesties and the Second Prince, at the opposite side were the Crown Prince and Baroness Marie, the Prime Minister’s son and the Knight Commander’s son, ten students in school uniform, and a number of noblemen who were likely the parents of those students.

His Majesty, who was facing them, opened his mouth.


「Does anyone know why you’ve been called here?」

「No, I have no idea why this member was called. What requirements does father have?」

「Don’t you see? You break off the engagement with Miss Alicia, falsely accusing her while we were away, are you going to use those sleepy talk?」

「 This is not a false accusation, it is the result of research based on numerous testimonies. I apologize for the fact that the coviction was made in father’s absence」.



The queen, who hold an opened fan, closed it vigorously


「Numerous testimonies… or are those behind you the witnesses? But you know what? It’s the highest level of dishonor to make a false report to the royal family?」

「It is not false, the victim, Miss Marie, also testified」.

「You were told that Miss Alicia was under constant surveillance by me when you refused to do so, weren’t you? We have a bunch of record crystals here as well, but no such records have been found. The royal family can vouch for Miss Alicia’s innocence, right?」

「Baroness Marie, what you have done is more than just a young man’s love life. It’s an action that may be judged as a treason if you falsely accuse a fiancĂ©e, whom the royal family has decided to marry, do you understand?」



 Miss Marie and the other students trembled at the Their Majesties’ words. The parents of those students who’s waiting behind them, especially the Baron, Marie’s father, looked terrible!


「The judgements are already over, I shall punish you for the crimes you have committed. First, all ten students who have given false testimony will be expelled from Academy. Then, those households will be banned from Royal Capital and an observer will be assigned to each of their domains. If they are not seems worthy of being considered as noblemen of our country, they will be abolished」




 The 10 students and their parents bowed their heads in disappointment


「Prime Minister’s and Knight Commander’s son are also expelled from academy, and both families are demoted to the rank of baron. Prime Minister’s position and Knight Commander’s position are removed, and the Baron’s position will be removed immediately. All property is confiscated, get leave soon, you are forbidden to enter Royal Capital and from now on you may live as a commoner」

「Hah! Why, Your Majesty? To get my house abolished」

「Of course, it’s rather too soft that you got away with this much where the others were all executed for treason, but if you’re not satisfied, should you be executed to the second degree of judgement as originally planned?」

「No, no…」


 The Baron’s complexion is already pale, and even Miss Marie looks completely dead and unable to speak.


「Lastly, We went all the trouble using the power of royal family to get Miss Alicia as your betrothed, but now you have the guts to banish her without permission. You disobeyed the royal order and banished her out of the country such our precious Alicia, so now you are hereby abolished. I will not give the throne to a man as the crown prince who has no regard for the future of his country. You will be confined in a detached tower until your death」

「 Father…!」

「And today, we will make the second prince as the crown prince. Pull everyone up!」


 Today, 13 noble families were sentenced heavy penalties.

The second prince is now 13 years old, but again, the royal family hopes to somehow find Miss Alicia and marry her off to the second prince in order to secure their future.


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