Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? episode 6

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Chapter 6

 It had been two days since I saw Kingdom Ghana army, I rushed forward while enjoying the scenery around, and then I came to the mountainous area which is the border of Crunchy Kingdom and Truffle Kingdom. When I found small villages along the way, I bought a small amount of food and stocked it all up!

  「Well, this way… It’s a forest mountain to say. I want to get away from Ghana Kingdom as soon as possible, so there’s no choice but to head there… Well, it can’t be helped」

  Staring at the steep mountainious area, I decided to walk. I made my way through…but there was something wrong. There are no sign of a single monster even though there are many places to hide and overgrown trees. I used the so-called detection magic by spread my own magic in all directions and found that something unnatural was happening.

「 What? There is some kind of creature with enormous magic power. Oh, did it notice me? 」

  The moment I detected the huge magical power, something with that magical power began to move. That something… I…


 「 Is it a dragon? Bright red scales. Why is that Red Dragon, the ruler of the South is here? 」

 「 Gaooooooooooooooooooooh! 」

 「Ukyaaa! 」


 I was surprised by the pressure generated by the Red Dragon’ roar and I couldn’t help but screamed.


 「 Laser beam! 」


 I unleashed my deadly magic 『laser beam』. I saw the beam pass through the Red Dragon’s neck, penetrated both side of it’s neck… and then the head fell clean off.


Thud! Booom!!


Its head fell because of the gravity, and shortly after that, its headless torso also collapsed. I decided to use a magic barrier to avoid it and wait for it to completely fell as it knocked the surrounding trees and made a fierce dust and smoke.


『Well done, you have defeated the Red Dragon. We were in trouble because it burned the earth and the trees. As a reward, my beloved child Alicia, I would like to bestow you my blessing and to act as my apostle in the future… 』

「 What? who are you? 」

  Suddenly a woman appeared, floating in the air with glitter and light, and truly that’s a beautiful woman!

 『I am Flora, the creator of this world. I have been watching over you since you were born, and I have decided to interfere your move because you are about going on a journey this time. I want to ask you to act as an apostle to defeat the evil dragon species that inhabit this world. But I don’t want see you to get hurt, so I decided to give you a blessing』

「 Defeating the dragon species… Are there many targets to be defeated? 」

『Now that the Red Dragon that governs the fire has been defeated, there are only three dragon species left as the earth’ enemy. The Blue Dragon that governs water, the Green Dragon that governs wind, and the White Dragon that governs ice. These three dragons are damaging and weakening the earth』

「I see, as one who lives on this earth, It’s certainly a problem if the earth weakened」.

『It’s right, isn’t it? So please accept this request, it doesn’t matter if it takes some time, I can’t directly interfere with the dragon species, so I can only give my blessing to protect you. Can you please?』

「If you don’t mind if it take some time, I’ll take it. Because you won’t feel safe if there is such a threat 」

『Will you take it? As expected my beloved child. I’m happy that you are willing to do this, but you must keep yourself safe, okay? I’ll be watching over you. Then I must make an announcement that you are my apostle to the world.』

 「Hah? An announcement… You mean… 」

 『To all life on this earth, this is an oracle! I announce that the red dragon that have been harm the earth have been defeated by my apostle. From now on, I will not allow any of you to interfere with the actions of my apostle. She will be sent on a mission to defeat all the dragon species that are harm the earth. My apostle’s name is Alicia, never forget that name』


「Well yeah, I registered as an adventurer under a pseudonym… What should I do?」

Such thoughts were useless, the name of the Apostle Alicia was known to the whole world.

With this oracle, the surrounding countries, including Truffle Kingdom, which had been severely affected by the Red Dragon, delighted by the presence of the Apostle Alicia. It was also a light of hope for for Camry Kingdom in the central continent, where the Blue Dragon still wreaks havoc today, Potato Kingdom in the north, where the White Dragon resides; and Cream Kingdom in the west, where the Green Dragon resides.

  「But still, I’m an apostle, perhaps this could be useful. I’m sure this position will be effective against the pursuers from Ghana kingdom as well, the oracle said that no one allowed to interfere my actions~, so maybe I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Phew, now I can travel with peace of mind, then I’ll put this Red Dragon to storage and if I sell it, I won’t even have to worry about money! People say that no parts of a dragon that not valuable」

  After the dust cloud that had been rising cleared, I stored the fallen red dragon.

 「 So now I’m a dragonslayer too! 」

  Even though it was a an act of humor, I nodded with a grin at the fact that my proud laser beam was a clean hit, and the subjugation of the red dragon has already been notified all over the world, so it will not be a big problem to sell it. Just… The fact that my adventurer card is listed as 『Shea』, that’s the only concern I have.

Even so, I received the blessing from the God of Creation, I wonder what effect it will have on me. I guess we’ll find out soon enough. For now, let’s quickly pass the path and enter Truffle Kingdom!

I started to change my mind and move on.


  • At that time, the Royal Castle of Kingdom Ghana

 「Alicia that was in the oracle now… I’m sure it’s Miss Alicia. The Red Dragon had tremendous power and its territory must be in the western part of Truffle Kingdom. Send pursuer there immediately, and bring back Miss Alicia」

 「Leave the role of that pursuer to me. This third prince, Gilbert, will surely bring her back」.

 「Well, I’ll leave that big job to you, then」

 In the Kingdom Ghana, troops led by the Third Prince secretly left the royal capital.


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