Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? episode 7

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Chapter 7

 It was nice that I have passed through the border mountains and entered the kingdom of Truffles, to get to Royal Capital, I must go to the south, but to accomplish the request from the God of Creation, I must head to the west…

At this two-way signboarded intersection, I was in a dilemma.


「Let’s give up the royal capital of Truffle Kingdom, let’s take the route to the west here! 」


 The sign, in the direction of the west, is written 『Labyrinth City Tarai』. The labyrinth does pique my interest a little. I would say I’m going ahead, but I’ll prioritize something that grabs my interest, something that was impossible to consider when I was a duchess. At that time… Although it was only a few days ago, the Duchess’s duty was prioritized over my own will, so the ordinary things like planning and acting on my own were kinda exciting.


 「A labyrinth… Maybe we should try to enter for a bit. It’s time for the light**ber! 」


 With a meaningless tension, I applied physical enhancements and ran off to the west.


 Two days later, I arrived in the labyrinth city of Tarai with no particular problems. It’s a large city surrounded by a strong-looking wall, there are a lot of carriages that look like merchants. It must indicate that business for trading the material from the labyrinth is prosperous. Well then, let’s get into the city right away!

 The city’ gate was large and divided into a line of carriages and a line of people. There were a lot of carriages, but the line of people wasn’t as many, which helped a lot. I was able to enter the town quite smoothly. What should I do first? I guess I’ll just head to the guild to gather information about this town, and then I’ll ask if I can sell the Red Dragon materials! It’s the first time for me to come to a foreign country city and it’s kind of exciting. Now, I realized just how confined my life had been up until now. …. For example, like how the crown prince’s fiancée was never informed of what was going on in her own country, let alone outside of it, which is pretty fucked in the head. The archives provided by the academy only show good things about it, so I’m guessing it’s pretty damn faked.

 I arrived at the Adventurer’s Guild after asking around. I’d like to sell the Red Dragon materials but I don’t want to make a fuss, perhaps I should request a meeting with the guild master. I’m not planning to sell all of them, because if that happens, I’m sure that even though it is a guild in a labyrinth city, there won’t be enough money to pay for it. That’s how high the price of dragon species materials are.


 「Welcome to the Labyrinth City. What are requirements you have today? 」

 Not bad. Classy, yet not obnoxious. The receptionist is still considered beautiful.

  「I need to talk to the guild master about something, is it possible to meet with him? 」

 「To Guildmas… Or, maybe can you tell me what it’s about? 」

 「I can’t say this out loud, you will have to listen to me in a calm manner, but are you ready for this?」

  The receptionist looked a little surprised, but quickly calmed down

  「No problem, go ahead」.

 「Actually, I’m planning to sell the Red Dragon material」.

 「Ehh? 」

 「You’re too loud」.

 「Oh, I’m sorry. Um, is that true? 」

 「Yes it’s true. Can you tell them that it doesn’t matter if it’s a small amount of scales or nails? Please be careful not to make too much noise again 」.

 「Waah, okay. Can I get your guild card, please? 」

 「Yes, here it is」.

  I see that you are fixated on the guild card I submitted, which I suppose is only natural since we’re talking about an F-ranked adventurer and Red Dragon.

  「I’ll return your card to you, so please wait for me to check it over.」

 「I understand」.


 As the receptionist left to the back of the room, I decided to take a seat at one of the provided tables and wait. I still have some money to spare, but I’d like to stay at an inn for a while. Considering security, let’s go to a high class inn.

 I take out one of the oranges I’ve put away in storage and start eating it. I’m wearing a hooded robe from the start of the day, so there’s less attention than in the last town I visited.

 I look around while eating, maybe because it’s still daytime, the number of adventurers seems low. Well, there are some people already drinking in the eating area… I can see a few beastmen here and there, however, it’s strange to see beastmen that look like humans with their ears and tails popping out, a hairy type that looks like a beast walking on two legs, and a reptilian type that walks on two legs… I won’t get bored just looking at them.


 「Shea-san, they said they got time for Guildmas, let me show you around」.

 「Thank you」.

  I was approached by the receptionist, and I had to follow her into the inner part of the guild. I can’t help but look around, all of them are new to me! We climbed the stairs and the receptionist stopped in front of a slightly fancy door that seemed to be the guildmaster’s room.

  「Guildmas, I’ve brought a customer」.

 「Please come in」.


 He sounded quite reluctant, what kind of person is the guildmaster?

The door is opened and I’m led into the room, and there’s a muscle macho who doesn’t seem like the reluctant voice I heard earlier…

 He’s wearing revealing clothes like a runner’s suit and he looks awfully hot. No this was awful.


 「I’m Matt Lou, Guildmaster. Shea… You said? They said you wanted to sell Red Dragon material, but 」

 「Yes, scales, fangs, nails, blood, anything you desire」.

 「That means that the apostle Alicia, the apostle in the oracle… 」

 「Alicia is my real name. There was a lot of things that happened in my motherland so I used to travel under a different name, however… I was just assigned to an oracle using my real name. Naturally, I will continue to move as Shea in the future, so please don’t spread it around unnecessarily」.

 「Aristocracy? 」

 「Yes, formerly. As of now, I’m already not related to my parents’ family, so I won’t be using my family name」.

 「Isn’t the aristocratic Alicia, in these neighboring countries, Fiber Duchess of the Ghana Kingdom, the fiancée of the Crown Prince?」

 「The engagement has already been annulled and the noble registry was revoked at that time. I don’t think I will ever step on that country again in the future」.

 「I see… I’m sorry if I asked you a little too deeply. Pardon my curiosity, but what exactly is an apostle? 」

 「I don’t know that either, because Flora-sama, the god of creation, suddenly appeared to me and assigned me as an apostle. She asked me to defeat the dragonkind.

 「Oh fine, so that’s Red Dragon material, I would buy it all if possible… but we’re pretty short on cash for that. I’d like to discuss that with you」.

 「I still have things to do, so I don’t plan to stay here for long. I’m planning to depart when I’m done with my work, so I guess I’m going to stay for three days. I would like it to be in that period of time」.

 「3 days… Okay. By the way, how about the material? 」

 「I have it in my storage」

 「Let’s get into the details then」


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