Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? episode 8

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Chapter 8

 「Then I want to use all the cash I have in the guild right now to buy the scales and fangs. I’ll make some quick sales with that, and then I will use the earnings to buy the eyeballs and heart. Depending on the sale price, I would like to buy the reverse scales as well」

 「How should I distribute the scales and fangs? 」

 「Half and half, please. With the cash we have in the guild according to the log book, that would be 4 fangs and 4 scales. We’ll be looking for money as soon as possible, so please prepare the materials 」

 「Materials… I mean, I’m storing the corpse as it is, so I need a large enough place to take out the Red Dragon and someone who can collect the materials」

 「Storing the Red Dragon in its entirety… That’s a terrifying amount of magic. As I recall, the size was about 20 meters long if you put in the tail as well, we’ll have to use the training facility. I’ll arrange the place right away as well, give me a moment」.

 「Alright, I’ll go ahead and get an inn and then I’ll come back after that. So, which is the most exclusive inn in town? 」

 「Oh, I’ll have one of our staff members show you around now. Wait for me on the first floor.

 「I understand」.

 The discussion with the guildmaster is temporarily ended, and I walk down the stairs as instructed.

 After Alicia left the Guildmaster’s room, Guildmas rang the bell on his desk.

 「What do you need? 」

 「Oh, show the adventurer Shea, who was just here, to the most exclusive inn in this town. I’m sure you’re aware of this, but I’m pretty sure that’s Apostle Alicia, and as she mentioned before, she’s also a former duchess, remember to be polite」

 「… Understood」.


 「Thank you for waiting, I will guide you to the inn」

 「Thanks for your help」

 As I’m waiting on the first floor, the receptionist who led me in earlier is going to guide me to the inn as well. I wonder if the receptionist’s job is alright, well I guess it’s alright since it’s probably the guild master’s instructions. Now let’s go!

 The receptionist showed me to an inn no more than a 10-minute walk from the guild building, and it was a classic nobleman’s inn! It’s a beautiful inn with an atmosphere that looks like a perfect place to stay. Lately I have been using clean magic all the time, so I will definitely take a bath today. After all, although clean magic does make you clean, it doesn’t hydrate your skin and hair, which makes your skin and hair less moisturized. The receptionist says it’s 5 gold coins per night. That’s pretty expensive.

 I paid for 3 nights and kept my room. The next objective is to dismantle the Red Dragon in the guild, let’s just finish it quickly and take a look at the labyrinth. Then I should make sure I have the necessary things to get into the labyrinth.

 The receptionist led me back to the guild, the same way as we came. I was led straight to the training grounds, where the dismantlers were already waiting for us.

 「Oh, there you are. Then put it out here, please 」.

 「Okay, it was four fangs and four scales」.

 「Aah, that’s what I’m asking for first」.

 Following the Guildmaster’s instructions, I take out the body of the Red Dragon with a bang in the middle of the training grounds. I hear the worker’s 「Oooh, that’s huge」 voice behind me. Finally, I bring out the severed head and it is all done.

 「Then, please」

 「Okay, let the demolition begin! 」

「「 Oooh! 」」

The workers start working to dismantle the fangs.

 「And here’s the money for the purchase of the fangs and scales, 200 gold coins for each fang and 50 gold coins for each scale. Total 1000 gold coins. Please check it out」

 「Okay, and so my one question is, can anyone enter the labyrinth? 」

 「The qualification to enter the labyrinth is for anyone who has adventurer rank E or higher. Of course, injuries are at your own risk 」

 「Rank E or higher… Oh, by the way, I’ve never received a request since I registered, so I’m still at rank F. I’m a little disappointed」

 「Seriously… well, so much so that you can take down the Red Dragon, I can get you up to rank C on my authority if you want. 」

 「Really? Then I would like to ask you to raise it to rank D. At rank C, you’ll have to take nomination requests and forced requests, right? That’s a bit of a no-no, so a rank D is better 」

 「D, okay. Hey, raise her rank to D here」

 The receptionist from before, who was behind me, brought me to the reception counter again.


 「Then we will proceed with the promotion process. Please bring your guild card here」.

 I handed the card to the receptionist as she put it over a crystal that was set aside to work on something.

 「Originally, there’s no way anyone could possibly be promoted two levels from F to D for an achievement like defeating the Red Dragon… As Guildmas said, using Guildmas’s authority alone, it would be a rank C, and then it could be formally reviewed and promoted to a B or even an A」.

 「That being said, as for me, I can’t afford to take on the duties that come with the promotion, because there are things I have to do」.

 「I see… By the way, just to keep this between us, you were the daughter of the Duke FIber in the Ghana Kingdom, weren’t you? 」

 「Yeah, well, I’m a former」.

 I think the receptionist’s eyes seemed to sparkle…

 「That means you were the first prince’s, the Crown Prince’s fiancée, right? What happened to that part? 」

 「That’s… I hope you don’t mind that I’m saying no comment」

 「No, no, I’m curious. You were the Crown Princess and the next Queen, right? I think it’s so admirable! 」

 「Is that so? Well, to say the least, the Crown Prince was a bad man in all but looks」.

 「I see. For us, it’s a story about neighboring royalty, so it’s hard to get that kind of information. Thank you for the valuable story. I’ve finished updating your card, you’re rank D from today, and good luck with that 」.

 「Thank you, I hope the dismantling process is finished soon」.

 「Then let’s go to the training grounds, shall we? Are you about to enter the labyrinth today? 」

 「No, I’m going to take a slow bath today to relieve the fatigue of my trip. If I have to go in, it will be tomorrow」.

 「I understand. But your skin is very beautiful as I can see through the gaps in your robes, but what’s the secret? 」

 「I’m only wearing a lotion that’s commercially available in the Ghana Kingdom, because the moisture in your skin is important」.

 「I get it… That’ s a good reference」

 「Oh, is that so? 」

 The fangs and scales had already been retrieved when I went to the training grounds. Just as I was about to put the Red Dragon’s body and head back into storage and return to the inn, I was approached by the Guildmaster

 「I will sell them all off in three days, and then I will need to ask again. Depending on the amount of money, I would definitely want to buy the heart, it’s a material that rarely comes out and too expensive, but if there’s an opportunity to buy it, I’ll do my best here too」.

 「Ha, haha I understand. Three days, right? Then I promise to stay in town until then」.

 「Hmm, thanks for your cooperation」.


 Finally, it’s over. Today’s purchase was 1,000 gold coins, so I won’t be in need of money for a while. Hehehe.

I let my cheeks loosened as I made my way to the high-class inn.


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