Somehow, My Country was destroyed, It isn't my fault, right? Episode 9

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Chapter 9

Okay, today I’m going to take a leisurely soak in the bath. As I recall in my past life, I only showered and rarely soaked in the bathtub, but my duchess’ upbringing has provided me with so many chances to learn about hair and skin care so much that I’ve even started to think about making it shiny and polished as possible.


A strange voice came out, but it’s not a problem because no one heard it. Since it is a high-class inn that costs five gold coins a night, it was said that there would be a servant to help you take a bath, but I refused for today, I am taking it easy by myself!
However, you have to be aware that it can be easily passed by for two hours if you’re not careful!

「It’s so refreshing, as it revives you back to life」.

I got out of the bath and wiped the water from my body. Then I noticed a large mirror in the changing room, there I saw the portrait of myself, a platinum-blonde hair that stretched to the shoulder blades, a flawless white body with a slender figure about 160 centimeters, and a rather underdeveloped chest armor… there’s still plenty of time to grow! 

Even though I have a slender body, I’ve been working out since I was five years old, so I’m not weak. My arms and legs are nicely toned and adjusted so that they don’t get too muscular.

I may have been a man in a previous life, but after so many years of looking at my own body, I was completely getting used to it. There were times when I wished I had a body that was more to my liking instead… I thought about it at times. Well, it wouldn’t turn out that easy…

Besides, at this point, I probably won’t ever be in love with a man. Yeah, I do love the girls!
I hope one day I can find a partner who doesn’t mind being of the same sex.

Alright, tomorrow we are going to enter the labyrinth…

There are many things about the labyrinth that are still unknown and not clearly figured out. Demons appear out of nowhere, one after another. For unknown reasons, once a certain number of demons start to appear, they will stop appearing and then increase again when they are defeated. There’s a mysterious phenomenon where demons and people who have been killed will be absorbed into the labyrinth after a certain amount of time. To get the materials of defeated demons, you have to dismantle it before it gets absorbed and disappears. Also, food waste will disappear if you leave it lying on the ground, I also heard that there is even a garbage dump in the labyrinth!

It is also known to some people as a dungeon. A maze so vast that it can only be described that it is connected to another space… Or so, that’s what I read in my parents’ book.

If it’s a maze, there must be some narrow passageways and such, which would be difficult to use my laser beam. Thus! I’m excited to try out the new magic that I’ve been scheming about for some time! While the laser beam generated high firepower without limit, this magic has the ability to pass through narrow passages without any trouble…

It is called 【Beam Rifle】! It is designed to disappear at 10 meters after it is fired. The power is adjusted to be less than 10% of the laser beam, so it won’t alter the terrain too much if it misfires.

Its main focus is on penetrative ability and continuous shot.

I can’t fire a laser with a range of several hundred kilometers in a place like the labyrinth where there are other adventurers roaming around, you know. I can use the light-**ber to chunk it up, but I don’t want to deal with the blood at all, no matter how much clean magic I can use to clean it up. If it only takes a long-range attack then I will.

Since there are no strong demons around the Royal Capital, I was unable to test it in a real battle, so I must try it by all means. Tomorrow I’ll wake up early to get into the labyrinth, for that reason, I need to rest early today.

That’s decided, let’s go get dinner.

It’s morning. I look at my pocket watch and it’s six o’clock. Let’s get some breakfast and quickly strike in. The Red Dragon battle was some sort of accidental encounter to meet, but when it comes to entering the labyrinth, this is already an adventure, right? It is an impossible thing to do when I was in Royal Capital, so I am getting excited about it. Regardless… I wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t broken off the engagement and continued to train as the Queen in Royal Capital, God of Creation said that she loved me and watched over me all the time, but I wonder what would have happened if the oracle that sent me out to defeat the dragon species have done. That would certainly break the power balance between countries, I suppose it’s all right, I’ll never step on the land of Ghana kingdom again for sure! After all it’s an exile!

After having breakfast, I headed into the labyrinth, showed my guild card to the Guards that was guarding the entrance and then enthusiastically entered the labyrinth for the first time!

「The interior is surprisingly bright, the walls are glowing thinly. I wonder how it works」

I’m now exploring the labyrinth for the first time while looking around. On the first floor, there are blue, red, and yellow colored slimes plopping around. The slime swallows and digests everything, so it’s treated as a laborer that handles all the waste in this labyrinth city. Slimes are also attracted to trash, and they gather at the garbage dump without paying attention to adventurers passing by. However, sometimes the slime will attack people who come to dump the trash, so be careful!

This labyrinth has a magic circle that allows you to go back and forth to the ground floor every 10 levels, so let’s aim at the 10th floor. In order to use the magic circle, you have to defeat the boss and it is said that the ideal party should be made up of 4-5 people. But in my case, the danger of friendly fire is more important to me, so I’m more comfortable working solo.

When I asked the guards, they said that the highest achievement in this labyrinth is the 30th level. I heard that the boss of the 30th level is the Lizard King with many lizardmens along with it and the scale is so hard that it’s hard to defeat it.

And yet… I’m on the third floor and there’s not a single demon in sight? I’m not going to be able to try my beam rifle with this! There are quite a few signs of other adventurers as well, so they must have been hunted down!

In this case, let’s get down to a less crowded level in one go!

Using my detection magic, I was able to go ahead with ease.


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