Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 1

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 Soul Auction for Reincarnation in Another World

「To all the gods who have been spared their time! Thank you for coming today! 」

The curtain opened and the enthusiasm of the audience flowed onto the stage.

A weirdly long-limbed man in a silk hat and tuxedo with a microphone shouts loudly in a spotlight. His face was hidden by a blurred white mist that prevented him from being seen well.

Ngiiiiiing...... a howling sound echoed, but the Silk Hat ignored it, then waved his hand in response to the cheers from the audience and continued his words.

...... It was so noisy. I was completely awake.

「The event we are going to do today is~........ Oh everyone is already waiting! The souls A-U-C-T-I-O-N」

.... That statement, was so easy to think.

Thus souls auction, in other words, I, was a product (soul) that being sold to the《gods》.

No, Was I supposed to be having lunch and taking a nap in class? But when I woke up, it was a strange and glamorous ...... stage? Is it a school gymnasium, or something like a luxury stage venue? Besides, they put me in some kind of clear plastic bottle and I couldn't even move! More importantly, I don't have arms and legs right now! Something shaped like a human soul in a size of a softball!

.......Yeah, I really don’t get it, but since I’m in a state of human soul, literally I have no hand or feet (ah, I said it clearly, didn’t I? This human soul joke. When all of you becomes a human soul form you will know how) so I thought I just need to ignore it and I got asleep. Then, I woke up because of the screaming and cheering earlier and that is. Yes, that’s all for the report of this situation.

「...... Today's product on display are young human souls harvested from the earth! That's 29 cons in total!」

From the podium on stage, the Silk Hat kept talking to the audience.

What's a 'con'? Is it a unit for measuring the number of souls? It's a trivia that you won't ever need to know.

「Of course, as for the auctioned souls, you are welcome to do what you want with them... You can boil it, bake it, or eat it! As you wish!」

Laughter erupts from the audience.

Eh! Souls are foodstuffs!? Hey! Holy shit!

When I looked at the audiences, there were some people who looked extremely beautiful, but there were also people with horns, several arms and legs, insects, lizards, and a strange shaped slime....

If they were really gods, then they would surely eat our souls.

「Well! To all of you who have come here! There's no way you're going to waste it like that, right!? I understand that very well!」

It was a joke, apparently.

「Protagonist, supporting character, or even villain! You may use it any way you like! These souls are yours to use as you desire, for the stories you have produced! Enjoy it to the fullest!」

...... Hmm? The protagonist? A supporting character? ...... A story?

「Okay! 35,486th, Soul Auction for Otherworldly Reincarnation in Ardist! Let's get this event started!」


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