Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 2

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They Said My Soul is Stink


Soul Auction for Otherworldly Reincarnation ......!?

「Then, then, ha! Let's meet the 1st con's soul! 」

The host, the silk hat, shouted this, and a woman in a stylized black suit (who was also not recognizable because her face was covered in a white mist) took the soul that had been placed near me onto the stage.

「The soul's profile, please let me introduce it to yoou! 」

The silk hat removed the plastic case that was placed over the soul and read the data at hand.

「The name is Shota Suzudo, a seventeen year old male! He's the ace of the soccer team and the leader of the boys in class! He has a high level of athletic ability and leadership, positive and cheerful, making him the perfect soul for the hero. 」

Ah, so that soul is Suzudo-kun. It's true that, just like Silk Hat said, Suzudo-kun was a leader and a popular figure for everyone in the class. Well, it didn't concern to me.

「Oh, what a nice shaped soul you have. And it smells nice and refreshing, too」.

「Great soul quality! I would love to have it... 」

「A little different from what I'm looking for...but it's a beautiful color! 」

The gods in the audience are busy reviewing Suzudo-kun's soul in a rambling atmosphere.... Yes, Suzudo-kun's soul was a beautiful color, even from my point of view, who is not very familiar with souls. Something like this passionate red ....Like the color of a beautiful flame? He was such a soul. However I, on the other hand, was .... Eto ....Yeah .....

「Sigh! Let's get the bidding started! This high quality soul, Shota Suzudo! The minimum bid is 10,000 mana! 」

「20,000! 」

「25,000! 」

「53,000! 」

The price of Suzudo-kun's soul is increasing in bids, more and more. Seemingly, the currency? was called mana》.

「108,000, now 108,000 mana! Is there any other god who can put a higher value on it than this!? 」

「Yeah ...... Nah! Then it's 110,000 mana! How about this! 」

「110,000!110,000!...... Are there any others? ...... No one else is coming!? Well then, you there, Shota Suzudo's soul is yours to keep ...... 《Holy Goddess Raintoria》, you won the bid! Don't forget to adjust the memory, blessing, and other settings when you use it! 」

「Yeah! Absolutely! 」

It was a beautiful blonde goddess who came up on stage and received Suzudo-kun's soul. She lifted her soul above her head and showed it off to the other gods.

「Tch! We've been beaten down by Raintoria already. 」

「But I'm looking forward to it! Because Raintoria-sama and Bahalia-sama's 《Hero vs. Demon king》 series is fun and consistent! Can't wait for it to be rolled out! 」

「It sounds a little too common for me...」

The gods around me are grinning and clapping in frustration. What's the deal?

「Okay! The next one is coming! We are pleased to introduce the next one here...」

The souls that had been placed around me like this were being auctioned off to the gods one by one.

As I watched from the side, I realized that the souls of the 29 cons, including me, who were arranged here, seemed to be my classmates.

Didn't Silk Hat say they were harvested from the earth?

Didn't they just simply kidnapped an entire class and turned us into souls to be auctioned off?

For realOur consents are not considered in the slightest?

Is that a Godly thing to do?

...... Maybe I'm just an ant. They are all in the mood.

...... Well, if you ask me if I'm unhappy with my life so far, I'm not, so it's okay.

「80,000!80,000!...... No more coming in! Sold! Sold! 《Takeshi Goki》 soul... 《The God of Thieves, Yabou-sama》 You have won! 」

On the stage, the soul of a boy named Goki was being auctioned off.

By the way, this Goki, to put it simply, was a bully. Whether it was a man or a woman, he was a horrible guy who would use any means possible to bully anyone he didn't like. He did a lot of things to me, too. Some things were done to me that I don't want to put into words. No one helped me, anyway. The world is so fucking cold, isn't it?

「Kakaka! Look at this soul! This distorted look is so artistic! The only one that will be given my blessing is one that smells as arousing as this! 」

The God of Thieves, Yabou or whatever, receives Goki's soul and returns to his seat in a good mood.

I mean, the God of Thieves. That god himself is a bastard, as you can imagine!

「Okay! Please proceed with the rest... ...... 」

I feel the fluffy floating feeling as soon as I hear those silk hat words.

The plastic case with me in it is lifted up and carried onto the stage.

...... My, my turn has come.

Aihara Runa Studying, exercising, it's all no good! She has no friends! There was no family to help! A high school girl who is bullied by everyone, and to be honest, is a failure!」

My introductions are terrible!

No, it's not wrong. ...... Though sadly, it's not wrong!

And yet, I've been trying so hard! I've been trying extremely hard!

It doesn't matter if I got beaten up or had my stuff stolen, the whole class. ...... Even my 《Family》 ignores me!

I've been trying to keep my spirits up and stay positive, even when things are painful!

Can't you please appreciate that part!?




...... What is this audience's mood? Why did the scene change as soon as I came out?

Oh, gods! Can't you just stop being a dickhead! Why are you turning away?

「...... Dirty ...... 」

Someone in the hall said that.

It was a small murmur, but it was sadly well echoed in this quiet hall.

...... Yeah, I know. I understand why you want to say that.

Because even that bully, Goki, had a decent amount of clarity in his soul. Although the shape was snappy.

Thus, how to say about me.

...... I'm pitch black. I guess you could say that I'm pitch black.

Moreover, the rusty red color that sometimes floats in and out of my soul is the dirtiest thing ever.

I'm sure that compared to other souls, it's so dirty that it's hard to pull it off, well, I get it. It may be so .......

「Ah, ahhh, and ...... 」

The silk hat is in a panic. He was so focused on MCing that he's just now realizing the fact that my soul is a mess.

Wasn't that a little bit ill-prepared? Oh, you have such a sweet armpit! Social People...... Social God (?) Aren't you disqualified as that?

「 so ...... Now this soul, the lowest bid is ..... .1 mana, 1 mana is fine! Yes, let the bidding begin!」

The silk hat set the lowest bidder's price no matter how you think of it, and then my auction began.

The assistant, frowning faced black-suited sister takes the plastic case that was on me.

Then, the next moment.

「Stink! That soul stink! 」

「Geez... ...... No way! What the hell? What's that smell? 」

「U...... Ueegh! Grrrrrr. ...... 」

The hall instantly became a hellscape.

The gods who pinched their noses and looked like they were in pain were the better ones.

Some of the gods collapsed on the floor and were cramped.

The gods that looked like Delo Delo slime were puking. That's rude! Even your own looks like a vomit.

Well, anyway.

My soul, on top of being dirty.

I heard it's very ...... They say it stinks.

「Also ...... We are extremely sorry! we are extremely sorry! Apparently, the soul harvesting process has been mixed up with garbage! 」

The silk hat said he was sorry.

Hey, trash is a terrible word for it. This is the soul of a high school girl who has been living her life for 17 years!

「immediately! We will destroy it immediately! 」

As the silk hat pulled out what looked like a small remote control from his chest pocket and activated it, a pitch black vortex appeared in front of me.

...... Hah? Destroyed?

「We are now connecting with the void ...... Connection established! We will dispose of this garbage in the void, along with its smell! We are very sorry for the discomfort we have caused to you!!! 」

Huh? Void? Disposed? What are you talking about?

I don't quite understand the situation.

Watching the silk hat and black-suited sister apologize down to the audience with their hips bent at 90 degrees ......

Swoosh ...... making a creepy sound, the black vortex ...... I was sucked into that void.


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