Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 3

Scent of emptiness and roasted meat


After being sucked into the black void, within it, there was ...... nothing.

A pitch black space that goes on forever and ever. Everything was painted in pitch black, nothing could be seen or heard.

It was neither cold nor warm.

In the midst of such nothingness, only my dark soul is floating in the air.

...... No, perhaps there is not even any real black void? You know, it's just nothingness.

It makes me feel like I'm saying something that I don't understand.


............ Huh. ~~~~.......

 I mean, what's the point of this all? It makes me want to sigh.

When I look back on my life, I don't think it was a pleasant one.

My father was a criminal and never got out of prison.

My mother became ill and died before I could remember.

The relatives who took me in ......

"My family", they treated me like an annoyance. I was moved from one place to another since I was little.

I didn't make any friends.

I was abused by my father and bullied by my family.

...... But still.

But still!

I've tried my best to live my life on the straight and narrow.

I've tried my best to force a smile and be merry!

Work hard, work hard, work hard, don't let your frustrations be shown!

I'm sure one day these hard days will be good memories, that's what I told myself ...... told myself that!

The result of all that hard work is this?

Abducted by the gods and dumped away just because it stinks!!?

You're kidding me! You've got to be kidding me!! You've got to be kidding meeeeeeeee------------!!!

 I feel my anger overflowing endlessly.

My soul seems to be getting darker and darker.

Angry, angry, angry, mourning and cursing my life's misfortunes, ...... and after a long screaming moment .......

I'm feeling cold.

Well, ...... It's so pointless. It doesn't matter how much I scream, there's no one here to even hear it.

It's exhausting. Yes, stop, stop. Think of something else..... Ah~ I feel like I'm hungry.

I want to eat meat. I want to eat Yakiniku.

I love meat. I'm a meat-eating girl.

I don't recall that I was allowed to eat much in my previous life. ...... Maybe in the next life.

I'm going to eat more and more meat. That's how I want to live my life.

But do you think there is an afterlife for me when I'm thrown into nothingness?

The samsara circle? Something like that, right?

Can I get into that sort of thing now?

Circle...... The circle. .......

Spinning in a circle, the circle of reincarnation. ......

I wish I was able to eat sausages that had been rolled up in a circle .......

I've been thinking about such an absurd thing for a long time.

...... Suddenly, I smelled something.

I mean, how can I see, hear and smell it in my soul state? I don't even think about it, but I'll leave it at that for now.

This smell .......

There's no doubt about it.

The smell of roasting meat.

Sweet and savory ....... There's also the scent of sauce mixed in.

It's grilled meat. It's the smell of grilled meat.

Someone's nearby ...... Someone is doing barbeque ......?

I was puka-puka, drawn towards the smell from ....... (puka puka means atrracted till it feels like we float in the air)


 Kyupon! along with such sound.

I was sucked in somewhere else again.


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  1. So the reason why her soul is so impure is not because she's a criminal but because she keeps all her anger in her heart.
    After years of doing that, all that anger colored her heart and soul which made her turn pitch black like that...

    I can take that excuse.

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