Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 4

If there is a God to throw away, there is a God to pick up (?) away.


The place where I was sucked in again was a complete white space that was totally different from the void. I had just gotten used to the pitch-black emptiness so it was so bright!

 Oh ...... Oh! You've made it here, safely. ......!

 Is my head broken by the brightness? In the middle of it, a pretty woman's voice sounded.

 Your such soul, unshakable and peaceful even after being corrupted by nothingness ...... as expected

 The voice compliments me, I almost cried in admiration.

I turn around and there it is ...... A blurred female silhouette.

It was a beautiful and gently illuminated mass of blue light.

It seemed to me that she was much more sacred than the gods who had attended the auction earlier.

Maybe this person is a god too. A (provisional) god. It's kind of warm and very friendly.

That provisional god is, holding tongs in her right hand,

While fanning the shichirin using uchiwa in her left hand,

...... Cooking the meat.

The fat on the heated coals was dripping and making a delicious sound.

.................. What is this???


...... Welcome, Aihara Runa. An abducted soul from another world. I am a vessel. vessel of a nameless god ...... The one who is created but has no authority, the one who only watches ......

Wait! Don't turn the meat over while introducing yourself in a stern tone of voice! What the hell? What the hell are you doing?

...... As you can see, it's grilled meat. Well, come on over here. Aren't you hungry?

No, I know it's barbecued meat! I don't know what's going on here! What's happening to me now! What am I involved in! but, Eh, do you actually hear my thoughts! But that meat looks super tasty.

I'm sorry for the confusion. I will explain the situation you are in now. As for your thoughts, yeah it is ...... It is very easy for me to read, therefore I would like to be allowed to have a peek at it.  As for the meat, it is cooked for you to eat, so please enjoy it

Oh, really? Can you give me the meat? Yay!

 Fluffily approaching my soul, that provisional God ...... (God's vessel) pushing a piece of meat with chopsticks that she transformed from the tongs.

The meat was absorbed into my soul, and I was flooded with the taste sensations and satisfaction that come when we eat meat.

U...... Ummm! Oh, I love this meat! I mean, how can you eat in a soul state!

 Now, please listen to this while you eat. I'll explain to you ...... about your situation, and also about me

 While feeding me with meat, God's vessel-sama speaks softly to me.

 Let me start with the story in the first place. Your soul, Ardist ...... From your point of view, it is a different world. You have been abducted from your world to be used as a mere pawn for the gods in that different world, Ardist

Ah, tender and fatty and sweet...... This Galbi is the best .......

That' s not it!

Eh, I had some idea of that. But a pawn is ...... What do you mean?

The purpose of the gods in the hall was to reincarnate souls from other worlds into their realm of jurisdiction, Ardist, and enjoy watching their lives as stories. Recording their lives and "broadcasting" them to other gods is popular, and it is becoming increasingly popular these days. In fact, earth-born souls are easier than Ardist souls to process and give blessings to. They are "easy to use" for Gods. That is why the Ardist’ gods use abducted souls from the earth as pawns in their stories of reincarnation!

Ehhh~ ...... I've heard that cross-world reincarnation is some kind of genre of story ....... That was a play by the gods!? As the person whose soul was actually abducted, it does make me sick, it feels like I'm being used as a toy! They're going to turn us into pawns without regard to our circumstances, right?

 ...... If you look at it from a human standpoint, I understand that is a reasonable opinion as well. However, when you've existed for a long time as God, you don't really care much about those things. Whatever grievances you're feeling, they would be forgotten if the memories and thoughts were altered.

You can't do that! You can't, because you're a god. God, frickin' hell!

Besides, reincarnated people are usually given a blessing ...... In other words, they are given the ability to cheat. If you use it well, you can use it to advance your life quite advantageously, even if it's somewhat chaotic. Even if it's without his/her consent, it's not without benefit to the reincarnated person

 Hmmm, you mean that the reincarnator is actually not disadvantaged, but also has plenty to offer in return? I feel like that would be a good thing. ......

...... Well, I guess that means it's useless to complain about the absolute existence of gods, which have different values in the first place. Huh.

I myself have no regrets about my previous life at all, and my other classmates ...... Well, I don't care what happens to them. They don't like me. I had no reason to care about them. All right, let's not talk about it.

 I'm also quite fond of the different world reincarnation documentaries. I've watched quite a few lifes in my spare time

Somehow, the life of a reincarnated person is being treated as an interesting show!?

Okay, back to the story........ I wasn't in attendance at the auction I mentioned earlier, but I happened to be nearby. ...... Then the scent of your soul reached me, even though I was supposed to be outside the hall.

Oh ...... Does my soul smell amazing? I'm sorry, do you smell it now? Are you tolerating it?

Ufufu. Don't worry, it doesn't stink. I'm used to it. ...... Rather, it smells very good to me


Yes, that's right. They are the ones that dirty, smelly, and rude. I don't care if those stupid gods don't like me, I don't care....... So. I looked into the hall, amazed at the scent of your soul, and what I saw was a scene of you being abandoned to emptiness......... Even if I have enjoyed watching the life of a reincarnated person too, I have the same idea with how you might think, what's to say ...... I felt that this kind of atrocity should not be allowed to happen. If you're just going to abduct a soul without permission, you can't just throw that soul away irresponsibly! So I had to help, I thought. Normally, souls that are sucked into nothingness are usually disappeared in a cloud of dust, you know.

So, that's right ...... Nothingness is a scary place to be ......!

If I had spent more time in those nothingness, I would have disappeared too .......

............. Yeah, I know. So, I thought I should help you soon. This space ...... It's my personal space, and I'm moving here in a hurry


To help you out


So that's why I started doing barbecue.

...... Yup. That part, I don't know what you mean: .......

Nothingness is the darkness that goes on without end. It's the chasm of an endless world

 The blue, vaguely glowing God's Vessel -sama continues to speak as she roasts her meat.


Once you have fallen, it is extremely difficult to rescue you. I had to have you somehow get closer to the coordinates where my personal space exists

Um ...... Ummm, that's something difficult to say, but that means .......

It means that I did barbecue and let the smell of it flow into the void, making the presence of this space known to you. And just as I intended, you were lured by the scent of the barbecue, and it got you here. ........ Oh! oh! I'm so glad I was able to help! One or two, I'm really glad I tried to roast the meat. ......! !


God's Vessel-sama is impressed again and makes a gesture of rubbing her eyes. What's this, this person is an inspiring person.

...... If you think again, It's hard to understand how can roasting meat is the kind of method you do to rescue a soul from nothingness  ......

It seems to me that this person has done it for me, and I'm sure that's what he did for me.

Thank you very much!

...... But why did this person do so much for me?




God's Vessel-sama stopped grilling the meat and turned straight to me.


Genuinely, I wanted to help you. I'm not lying about that feeling. But, to be honest, it was also within my calculation. If I could have helped you, there was something I would have asked of you.

You want me to do something?

Yes. Aihara Runa-san. You, with me ...........Would you mind reincarnating in another world, please?


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