Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 5

Omake Reincarnation


Aihara-san ...... I am a nameless god's vessel》』


God's Vessel -sama grabbed my soul with both hands and began to speak in a serious manner.


Well, that's what you told me earlier about, right?

Usually when God is created by the God of creation, or when he becomes God instead of being a creature ...... God is given a name and authority as God. I do not have that. I am only a God’s vessel and not a God.

Huh? What does that mean?

In order to understand this, it is necessary to begin with the origins of this world, Ardist. ...... When the God of Creation created this world, he also created many gods. A God of Fruit, a God of Battle, a God of Justice, and a God of Evil ....... To help Ardist grow into a prosperous, better world ......


Wow, here's a sudden creation myth.

Behind the God's Vessel-sama, the dust collected in a pitch-black space, and a world was formed from it, showing how the gods were born. ...... There is an annotation in the lower right corner that says *image footage, which I can't help but notice at ....... Is it still OK? I'm not very good at difficult conversations. ......


So, let me put it simply, it's a pain in the ass for the God of Creation to run the world all by himself. So he made a lot of minions and threw the job to them.

It's a mystery that just by changing the way you say it, it instantly becomes more profane!

The creation of Ardist, including the gods, by the God of Creation proceeded without delay. ...... However, just as this world was about to be completed, something the God of Creation had not expected happened.

What the hell is that?

The materials for creating the world ...... There's something a little, a little extra (omake)!

Isn't it just like when you make a bookcase, and then you have one extra screw!?

No, well, I guess that's how you felt about the God of Creation, wasn't it? So, using that leftover material, somehow as an omake God's vessel, I was created.

It's a sadly silly birth story .......

It seems that when a new god was needed, he was going to give me a name and authority ....... Again, a creature began to emerge to become a god, which was not expected of a creation god. ...... Then, time by time I got to the point where I became a full-fledged unwanted child ......


God's Vessel -sama holds her forehead and sighs.


Furthermore, I was nothing more than a vessel to him ....... At a certain point, you know, because of a lot of things that happened, my ego was rised. From that point on, it' s been an eternity of boredom for me. 

Because I am God's vessel, I have no life span, and because I am not God, I have no work to do. 

Because I am a God’s vessel, I cannot descend from the divine world to the lower world, and because I am not a God, I cannot even intervene through an oracle or other means. 

...... Well, I won't explain the rules around here, but anyway, the only thing I looked forward to was watching the different world reincarnation documentaries and other gods' broadcast channels!

 I see. ...... So you've been bored and bored for a long time, right?

 And as I watched the documentary, I thought ....... I, too, want to reincarnate in another world ...... !


The God's vessel-sama's arm that is holding me is getting tighter and tighter.

I'm gradually beginning to understand this person's situation as well.

This person had a level of boredom and sadness that is unimaginable for a human being .......

In such a situation, if the only thing she enjoyed was watching different world reincarnation documentary, it might be natural for her to want to do that, and to make herself reincarnate in another world as well..............


In such circumstances, Aihara-san! I have met your soul! This must be fate! Aihara-san! Come and join me and reincarnate into the Ardist!

...... mmm, what? Together? You reincarnate me... it's not? You're going to reincarnate too!?

I am not a God and I have no authority to reincarnate you! But it's possible to stick with you and get into the samsara circle of Ardist and reincarnated! A great evil spirit once did this and it caused quite a stir in the God’s realm, so I’m sure it will be succeed!

No, you can't use the same technique that can turn into a bad thing!

It's not bad! I'm not a great evil spirit, so it's not a problem! Please, Aihara-san! Come and reincarnate with me! We will share one body, because I have no claim the ownership of the body! Just let me live with you in your head and share the feeling! I'm not a god, so I can't give you any blessings, but I can give you ...... I'll give you as much advice as you want. Ardist is what's known as the world of sword and sorcery! There's probably a lot of things that don't pass for common sense in your previous life! As a different world reincarnation documentary fanatic, my advice will surely help you in your life! So! So! Please!!!!! I'm sick and tired of this boredom!!!!


God's Vessel sama is desperate. She' s already holding my soul in a half-hearted embrace.


Please huh?

When I look back on my past life, have I ever been needed so much by people?

I was a nuisance everywhere I went.

No matter how hard I tried, no matter how much I tried, no matter what I did, everything I did was denied and I was continuously hated.

That's what made me wonder if there was some kind of curse on me.

This person. This God's Vessel-sama.

This person who rescued my soul, which had been hated by even the gods.

She needed me like this.

She needed me. Such a me.

Just for that alone, I was somehow very happy.

...... There's no reason to say no.


...... Oh, really?


God's vessel-sama who read my thoughts twitched.

It's true. This is my thanks for saving my soul. Let's reincarnate in another world together.

Uwah, wah-wah ...... Uwaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~ !Thank you very much ~~~~!!!! Let's have an easy life together. ~~~~!!!!


Finally, God's Vessel-sama, she began to sob and embracing me with a runny nose, and began to spin around and around.

The tremendous joy of this person flowed into my soul, making me feel somewhat warm and a little embarrassed.


Well, then, the good news is hurry up! The gate is open!

God's Vessel-sama snapped her fingers, and a warm pink vortex appeared in front of me.


The end of this space is the flow of the Ardist's samsara! After we jump in there, you and I will merged as souls in a baby's body somewhere and start a new life!


I noticed thatGod's vessel-sama that was supposed to be embracing me had stopped its human form and had become a sphere that completely covered my soul.

A new life, huh? I think I'm starting to get excited and thrilled!


Now, a few words of caution. I can't do anything to your soul! Therefore, it is a reincarnation with the memories of the previous life, the ego will still remain! Also, you can't choose which body to incarnate in! It's all at the mercy of the winds of samsara! We'll take it one step at a time! Lastly! Once I descend to the lower realms, I will have no power! All I can do is give you advice and talk to you, so please bear with me there! ...... Do you have any questions?

 Um, question, question: ......! Ah, that one. What should I call you?


Because we're going to be together for the rest of our lives, right? When you're chatting, you're in trouble if you don't have a name to call them, aren't you? I can't call you God's vessel-sama forever.

 ...... God's Vessel-sama thinks for a moment, then bounces her voice happily and says her name.

 ...... Then please call me Omake》』

What? I think it less appropriate!

Hmmm... if you want to call me that, omake would be the appropriate word. I am the God’s vessel that created and forgotten, an omake. Moreover you will do omake reincarnation to reincarnate with me! I’m looking forward to work with you for the many years to come!

 Ehhh~! It's like I'm being treated as an omake too!

 ...... Oh, okay, I get it, Omake-sama!

I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm looking forward to your continued support!

So, moving on to a new life!

To an unknown, different world, Ardist!

Dreaming of a bright future!

...... Bad luck in a previous life, break it off!

Let's reincarnate ~~~~~~~~~~!


Omake-sama and I jumped into the vortex of reincarnation.

As the gentle peach-colored current swayed us, we were drawn to the body of our incarnation.





My past life was, to say the least, not a good one.

But from now on, it will surely be different.

It's not just me, it's me and Omake-sama.

My family will love me, I'll make a lot of friends.

Receive a lot of love and give a lot of love.

I'm going to live such a happy life!







Goodbye, past life!

And hello, next life!

We're on our way to a glorious life!


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