Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 10

The Beginning of the Side Story of the Hero and Shameless Omake


The chief's son, Torch-kun was a reincarnator.


But hey, omake sama. I've seen him here and there before, but he should have been a normal 5-year-old by all means, right?He didn't show any signs of having previous life memories like I do right?

It was probably setting by the Holy God in such a way. When it reaches a certain age, the person recalls the memories of his or her previous life and becomes aware of his or her own blessings and the mission assigned to him or her by God. It's the kind of pattern I've often seen in the Holy God's Isekai Tensei Documentary!

I see, God can mess with the memories of reincarnated people? Why would they do that?

...... There may be many reasons for this, but the main reason is that the Holy God thought it would be more interesting. In a word, the script of the Holy God is convenient

What's the point? ...... I'm sure you're aware of the fact that Torch-kun, who has the power to bring about such havoc, is in fact just a toy of thus Holy God, and it's a bit of a pity.

Well, I don't care how the gods treat my former classmates. By the way, Torch-kun, what was your name in your previous life? I remember that it was the first boy I remember being auctioned off to The Holy God ....... It's been 5 years since I was reincarnated, and I'm starting to forget about it!

...... You know, Emmy is very cold and dry towards people she knew in her previous life, isn't she?

Hmm? ...... Hmmm, yeah. Well, yeah. They didn't like me. I don't like them either.

What's going on?

...... It's not an interesting story, and I guess it's not a story I want to remember.

...... Sorry to hear the weirdness, sorry to hear that

Aww, don't apologize, Omake-sama! I don't care about that at all!


...... Hmm?

Omake-sama and I were enjoying the conversation in our brains. However, my consciousness goes to Torch-kun again, or rather, to the bushes on the other side of Torch-kun.


Emmy ......

Yeah, Omake-sama. I wonder what's over there. There's something in there.




 The bushes swayed greatly, and as expected of Torch-kun, he noticed its presence and turned around. The one standing there was .......


Ah, hahaha ......

Here ...... Caro! How did you get here!


Standing there was Caro-chan, a girl in a white dress with her light blue hair braided to the left and right.


Emmy, she was also a child of the Fenoben village, wasn't she?

That's right, Omake-sama. I remember that she was picked up by the village chief and raised like a brother and sister to Torch, I think. I think they're about the same age, about 5 years old.

Speaking of which.......


Oh, that's dangerous, Caro! Weren't you told by the adults not to go outside the village alone! Are you okay? Are you injured? Didn't you feel scared?

Wappu! It's okay, it's okay.


After suddenly hugging Caro-chan, Torch-kun hurriedly checks to see if she is injured. Caro-chan is fuming, but she is not fazed.


...... Those two are strangely close to each other...they're 5 years old, so it's not like they're guilty or anything

I agree with that~ .......Torch-kun and Caro-chan have a weirdly extreme sis-con and bro-con atmosphere about them! They are together anywhere and anytime, and they create their own world right away. You know, Torch-kun, even though the memories of his previous life come back, his behavior around that area doesn't change.

 He's definitely a genuine Torch Fenoben now.  His rigidly shaped personality would not be shaken, even if his memories of his previous life were restored.

I see. The process of restoring the memories of the previous life after a few years of reincarnation may be for the purpose of forming the personality of this life.


Why did you come to the forest alone, Caro ......

Because, because! I just saw Torch-nii sneaking out of the village! And I'm worried about you. ......

Sigh, sorry Caro ......


As I continue my thoughts about the Isekai Tensei Documentary while hiding in the bushes, they created a world of two more and more intimately.

Sweet. The air is too sweet. It's as sweet as dots flying on a pink background (an obscure linguistic manga expression), even for two five-year-olds.


...... I mean, I mean! Torch-nii, what's up with this burnt-out area! Did Torch-nii do that? Torch-nii, you can use this amazing magic! ?

Ah, haha. Actually, well, this morning when I woke up, I found out that I have the Holy God'sblessing! so I tried the power of blessing

e ...... Ehhh, ~~~~~~? Holy God's blessing! Isn't that a blessing that the heroes of fairy tales have! Torch-nii amazing! Torch-nii is a hero, is it not?


Torch-kun told Caro-chan about his blessing without any hidden intention. Caro-chan is already very excited. She grabbed both of Torch-kun's hands and jumped up and down.

Wait, a hero ......?

Yes. The person who has been given the blessing of the Holy God Raintoria becomes a hero and is charged with the mission of defeating the demon king who threatens people. If Torch-kun is a reincarnated person who has been given the Holy God's blessing, then he is definitely the hero of this generation


Seriously. Because that's the basic setting of the Heroes vs. Demonsseries brought by Holy God

But Omake-sama, please stop talking so bluntly like that, okay!?



Hey Torch nii! Come on, let's get back to the village! I gotta tell people about this!

Well, wait a minute Caro! If you do that, there would be a big fuss! I'm going to keep this a secret until the day I can control my power and set out to save the world! 

Eeeh~, is that so ......? But yeah, I'll keep my mouth shut if that's what Torch-nii wants to do

Thanks, Caro! ...... Okay, are you hungry? Let's go back to the village and have breakfast!

Ah! Wait Torch-nii ~~!


Torch-kun said, and ran off towards the village. Caro-chan chased after him in a hurry.

You know, I mean, after all this noise, how can you hide it? I think the sound would have woken up all the villagers, and even if Torch-kun and his friends weren't in the village at that time, they would have been suspected of something to do with it.


But Torch-kun was just an ordinary village child until yesterday. Such great magic ...... to think this burned-out area was created by magic ...... The adults would never think that he could use such great magic. Even if people are angry that you left the village without permission, maybe it can be hidden from them.

I guess that's how it goes.



...... Huh?

Caro-chan stopped? What is this?

Caro-chan looked back at the burned-out area.

The innocent smile on her face was nowhere to be found as it had been earlier.

Then she murmured in an ice-cold tone of voice.

My enhanced hearing caught the murmur. I heard it.








............ Holy God's blessing....... Pfft, this level is so insignificant. Even if you are a hero, you are only an insignificant human being.








And so she said.

Put on the mask of an innocent smile again.

She ran off towards the village.








Eh............ Eeeeeeeeeeeeee ---------!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is so scaryyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Caro-chan has some sort of darkness.!!!!!!!!!!!


This ...... This is! I understand, I'm an Isekai Tensei Documentary fanatic, I get it, what happens next! Caro-chan is ...... Caro-chan's identity is probably a demon! She was one of the spies sent by the Demon King to keep an eye on the hero!

What, what!

Beloved sister! No, the girl who has grown up with him as more than that! That girl! Actually! An existence that must be defeated! She was a demon race!

What.....The..... Hellll?

When the truth came out! When Caro-chan, who was supposed to be protected by him, turned on Torch-kun, that's when it happened! What will the hero think and how will he act? It's probably no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most important factors in this《Hero VS Demon King series.

Come on! Omake-sama! Stop making those blatant, audience-oriented comments!






And, Emmy!

What is it, Omake-sama?

Unintentionally, now that we know their secret, there is only one response we should take!

So, what the hell is that?







...... It's not safe to get involved, so keep distance from them as much as possible, okay!?]

Ah, yes. I guess that' s right.

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  2. I’d say ruin the story but she is like a bike on a highway and the other two are like cars. In this situation I’d stay in my lane no matter what the other two do. Soooo best of luck to Emmy lol