Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 11


Terrible Hit-and-Run


Halt! Cursed child!

As I tried to sneak into the Fenoben village as usual, the village adults were trying to block my way. They have sticks and scythes in their hands, and they seem to be very disturbed.



It's been three days since the day I discovered the shocking secret of Torch-kun and Caro-chan. I decided to get a pot to cook a meal and came to the village to borrow a few things from Cody's kitchen, which doesn't cook for himself anyway.

No, That’s being said, When I was picking up the pebbles for throwing, I turned over a larger stone.

And there it was.

Shirasu. (*Shirasu is a small fish that probably looks like whitebait/baby sardines)

There was a shirasu! Behind the stone! Fairly many! Together with a creature that looks like a woodlouse!

I thought they were insects of some sort, but apparently to all appearances, they are fishes. According to Omake-sama, they are not a well-known creature and probably don't have an official name, so I named themLittle Shirasu.

Apparently, despite their weakness, they are able to manipulate magic, and by using water magic to maintain humidity, they are able to survive in moist places, such as behind a stone. ...... It seems to be a creature like that. Maybe they migrate on rainy days or something.

And, you know, there was shirasu. Wouldn't you like to boil it and eat it? I've been eating just about everything I can get my hands on in the past, either roasted or raw, so I thought I'd enter a new stage in my life by trying a new cooking method.

Omake-sama told me that it's dangerous to get involved in the Storyof these heroes, so I'm a little afraid, but I'll be okay if I just go get a few pots and pans!

So that's why I was heading to my parents' house.

And then...

...... The situation in the village is somewhat strange. They are on high alert.

There are people stationed in unused surveillance posts, and there are always several armed villagers patrolling the village. I was taken aback for a moment, and then the patrolling villagers spotted me and returned to the scene at the beginning.


Cursed child with black hair and black eyes causing disaster in the village! I will not let you stay in my village any longer!

 Among the villagers gathered in front of me was the village chief. The chief stepped forward and harshly scolded me for being ignorant and uncaring. I'm not going to stay in this village, although I basically live in the forest. How can you say that now, this old man.

 In the past, there was not much damage, so we have ignored you, but our patience is now at an end

Eh, eh? What did I do? I'm not doing anything, okay?...... At best, I've gotten some seasonings from my parents' house. Oh, and I need some new cookware.

The big explosion that happened in the Naso Forest! I never thought your curse would cause ...... such mischief!


Truly the work of the devil! Unforgivable!

Where are you going to burn next?

This village is ours to protect!



The adults in the village cursing me verbally.

Huh? What? I mean, what is that?

A big explosion the other day, and I'm supposed to be the cause!?

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. !!!!

Funny Funny! There is no way I can do that!

Or rather, he did it! Your son! Torch-kun!

There's no way a five-year-old like me could do that!


...... Ah, Torch-kun is also a five year old.


No, not that one, anyway!

Let's just calm down.


Yeah, this is trouble. I can't get into the village like this. There is no way to get the pot.

No, there's more important things than the pot, isn't there?

No, it's all about the pot. Omake-sama would like to eat shirasu, right?

I want to eat shirasu.

See, then it's all about the pot.

No, no, no, no. ...... More importantly, Emmy, you managed to calm down too fast, didn't you?

Yeah, I'm used to it in a past life. These things.


In the past life, whenever something bad happened, it was all my fault.

If a student had a stomachache after eating a school lunch, it was my fault for serving the lunch.

If a child slipped down the stairs, it was my fault for walking behind him.

...... If a child was missing, it was me, as I was talking to him the day before.

As you can imagine, there was no proof, so I was never charged with a public crime.


So, this is about as familiar as it gets! Bullying, persecution, what the hell! Yeah!

Heh, this is indeed the first time I've been blamed for a huge explosion!

...... Emmy......


Hey, cursed child! How about saying something! Burning your precious forest and not a single word of apology?


The villagers, impatient with my silence, this is indeed Rand oji-san, Rand oji-san cursed me. He is so hateful that he thought I was a potato thief.


............Not me.

Shut up, cursed child! Do you think we are going to be fooled by your nonsense?


Yes, here it comes~~! Rejection mode is in play~!

From my experience, there's nothing you can say in this situation. It's useless to talk ~~~.

 Besides, what's that guy doing? that Cody. He's my father and the village guard, right? You're the one who needs to be here in every ways, right?


Oh hey! Good-for-nothing! What are you even standing around for? Get rid of this cursed child now!


The villagers seemed to feel it too, and Cody, who was in the back, was pulled out.

As I told you before, Good-for-nothing is Cody. He's just a useless person in his own right and living a needle-in-a-haystack life in the village.

His face looks blazing hot even now. ...... He is definitely drunk.

I'm not sure how this guy doesn't get fired from his job as a guard. Do you have any connections in the village? Whatever.

Cody came out ahead of me with a weapon ...... He was equipped with a cheap spear.

Cody, with it at the ready, looks pretty good.  As expected of a former adventurer.

However, I wanted you to show your coolness not by confronting me, but by defending me. Yeah.


Ah, ...... Errr, ......?

Cody, red-faced, pointed his spear at me, slightly wobbling.

Well, that's why? Would you please get out of here?

In the trace of his eyes, where he pointed the spear at his own daughter. ...... There's not a single bit sadness displayed.

Yep ...... well, if you are a person with that kind of sentiment, you wouldn't leave your daughter living in the forest on her own, would you?

I knew it, I knew it.


Even I too ...... I don't want to hurt a girl, you know?


That's nonsense!

When I was at home (that is, when I was too young to move my body well yet), this guy would hit me right away if he was in a bad mood. If Omake-sama didn't teach me physical enhancement, I would have been killed by him. Through domestic violence. Once again, you're not a good father!


Come on, just get out of here. Otherwise, you're going to hurt yourself. ...... Little Girl




...... Huh? Eh? Little Girl?




Eh? Who does this guy think I am?

It's your daughter, right? And yet, Little Girl?

Ah, is it too hard to point the spear at your daughter, or are you deceiving yourself on your own recognition? That kind of guy? That kind of thing? That kind of mindset?

 Huh? No way?

 Indeed, I haven't seen you lately, but?

 This man doesn't even know what his daughter looks like?










...... This man, let's kill him.!!!












Aah! Oh no! Strong killing intent~! I gotta hide, I gotta hide!

No matter how adventurous your opponent is and how athletic you are, a child challenging an adult with a weapon is indeed dangerous! If you're going to kill him, it would be best to strike in the dark at midnight

Hey, Omake-sama! I didn't expect a full affirmation about the killing intent!

Well, for me, the life and death of non-Emmy life and death is a trivial matter. Even if they die, they will just return to the reincarnation cycle and be reborn again anyway. The total amount of souls in the world won't change, so it won't matter at all

Wow, there it is, the God-like perspective!

No, but yeah. No matter how much you are disgusted by the horrible things they did to you, trying to kill them because of it is something that people should avoid.


Yup, okay, I'm getting calm.

...... Let's go home, to the forest.


Get out of here!

Don't come back!


While the adults in the village were throwing pebbles at me, I turned my back to the village and started walking. Every once in a while a pebble would hit me, but it wouldn't even scratch my body, which has been put on body strengthening

That level of stone throwing, it doesn't hurt or itch. You can't kill a single naked rat like that!

Because of the trash man, once my anger was shaken off, I no longer have any feelings about this trashy village.

Up until now, I think there was a little bit of a feeling in the back of my mind, like I don't want to be hatedor something like that towards the villagers. ......

Now there is nothing. It's nothing.

It's a refreshing feeling to feel refreshed and refreshed.

It's a strange feeling, even if I say so myself.

It totally cut off..... Slashhh

Yes, the village and I were completely cut off from each other on this day.

Until now, I was Emmy the Village Girl in the Forest

From now on, I'm Emmy, the Homeless Girl in the Forest

That's about it.

As for my living situation, there is no change at all.

So what's the matter~? OK ~?



 Just as I was about to arrive at the forest, the sky suddenly darkened and it began to rain heavily, dripping down in drops.

I didn't want to get wet and get cold, so I took shelter from the rain under a tree I noticed.

This is the border between the village and the forest. A small grassland.

I sat alone with the rain pouring down, all alone.

The air, which used to be warm, is now chilled by the rain.

The smell of green grass floats in the air.

I think about all the things I can't stop thinking about, this and that.


The huge explosion that was blamed on me means that Torch-kun was able to hide his blessing well, right?

Well, I guess so.

...... Did Torch-kun put the blame on me for that?

 The adults in the village would be the ones who connected the big explosion to Emmy. That boy may have just played dumb, I guess. Children of the village ...... You see, the adults were deliberately kept away from you, so the boy wouldn't even recognize Emmy in the first place, as you had previously thought. In other words, I'm sure he didn't mean to make you look bad!

Hmmm, I see. So you're going to go on with your life, Torch-kun, without knowing what happened to me because of what you did. I'm jealous. As expected of a hero!

...... Emmy

...... I'm sorry, Omake-sama. I feel like I'm getting a bit cocky.


Okay, let's think of something more fun.

How about thinking about Little Shirasu?

We can't get any pots and pans anymore, so we can't boil them.

But I just thought of something else, and I think there are many things we can do with it.

For example, you could wrap it in a big leaf and steam it.

Yes, I think it would be delicious!

Let's go get an Little Shirasu as soon as we get back to the base and give it a go!

Ah! But it's raining here ...... Maybe they've moved on from where I found them last time! it's bad!



...... Emmy!

...... What's up, Omake-sama.

 I am, no matter what, I'm the only one ...... I'm the only one who is absolutely on your side

 You're not alone. I'll always, always be with you.]

...... I see.








After waiting for a while, the rain stopped. It seemed to be a passing downpour.

A warm light shines through the black clouds, illuminating the nearby Naso forest.

I ...... wiping my slightly wet face with my hands and slapping my cheeks with a pang.




Then I...

We start walking.

Towards the forest.


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