Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 8

Dreaming a Happy Dream with Omake-sama



 Out of nowhere, a small fireball was generated from the tip of my hand. The fireball burned over the fallen leaves and tree branches that had been applied dry before and began to make a cracking sound.

I stick the meat of the Naked Nasty Rat I just hunted with my favorite sharp, long stone then burned it into the fire and patiently waiting for it to be cooked.


Looking up at the sky, it's already purple, not a single cloud in sight. It's starting to get darker and darker, and the stars are beginning to twinkle beatifully which is unthinkable even in my previous life. The air is so perfectly clear. Quietly watching the flickering bonfire and enjoying the faint insects chirping sounds trough the grass around.

Life in this world is full of difficulties, but this kind of moment is not bad either.

Today, I was able to survive.

Waiting for the meat to get cooked while immersing in satisfaction feelings, ignoring all the fears about tomorrow.



...... Now I'm in the open field in front of the Kaliva Great Tree, my home base in the Naso Forest.

The Kaliva tree is a huge tree that produces acorn-like fruit in the autumn. Its trunk is so thick that ten adults can't encircle it even if they hold hands, and I'm staying in one of hollow caves within its trunk. It's an empty hollow that can be reached after climb the trunk up a certain height, so It can prevent the beasts that crawl on the ground, the view is nice, it's big and warm there, and it's my favorite place to sleep.

...... When the first time I discovered the cave, there was some kind of big owl-like predecessor, but I've killed that guy now, so this is my home.

That guy was delicious.......


By the way, the ignition that I just did earlier is one of the few magic that I can use.

It uses magic power to create a chemical reaction and generate a small fireball ...... It's one of the magic that is called living magic.

Other than Ignition, the magic I can use isDry, which can manipulates water from fallen leaves and other wet things in order to be dried, and Water Collection, which gathers water from the air to create drinking water.

I thinkBody Strengtheningand Presence Blockingare also magic .......

From the human perspective of this world, those two don't seem to be classified as magic.

Well, it's only a classification decided by humans, and the basis of these technologies is to manipulate magic power, so it doesn't matter if we think of it like that way.



Emmy, isn't it about ready?

...... Uhm, that's right, Omake-sama.

 Chewing the rat meat, which is well cooked and the smell has faded to some extent.




I applied Body Strengthening to my jaw and teeth thoroughly and forcibly bit off the meat.

By the way, the inside of the mouth is also protected with Body Strengthening, so this level of heat won't even cause burns.

The more I chew, the more odor and bitterness spreads in my mouth, I'm pouring the salt that Cody gave me (gave me......?) on top of it, which makes it taste a bit better there. It's just that, compared to normal.... there.... ugh.

 hahahaha ...... Yummy, Emmy! As I said, food is the best form of entertainment!

 Omake-sama and I share the same senses, but we each have different preference of taste.

...... Omake-sama, who has never even "eaten" anything for many years as a "God's Vessel", basically has a pleasant sense of taste, saying that anything she eats is good.

 ...... Somehow, didn't it sound like you make a fool of me?

 No, I didn't, I didn't!

 If you think I'm a sucker for taste, I'm offended! It's just a little bit more tolerable, and even I can get a decent taste for it!

 In my head, Omake-sama is angry with a puff.

 But no matter what kind of food it is, it tastes great when eaten together with Emmy!

 Hey, hey! Don't say that all of a sudden! You're embarrassing me!

Feeling somewhat embarrassed, I quickly finished my meal and climbed the tree and crawled into bed.  I was a little depressed today, thinking about everything, but in the end I felt a little more positive. Tomorrow will be okay too, I'm sure. Tomorrow will be even better than today.

 Thank you for everything, Omake-sama. Ehehe, you're the reason I'm able to do my best. In the future ...... please take good care of me .......

Ufufu, me too. Please take good care of me, Emmy ......

   I set off into the world of dreams with a warm feeling.

...... That night, I dreamed that I was sitting in a warm house with Omake-sama, eating a delicious meal. Now that I've been reincarnated, I want to feed Omake-sama more delicious food. I'm sure that would be very nice. That's the kind of future I'm aiming for, and for the time being, I've got to stay alive.

Let's do it together tomorrow, Omake-sama .......





Such happy sleep.

As soon as the sun climbs the next morning.

It's destroyed by the terrible noise and tremble.

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  1. Thank you! Also, Emmy’s and Omakes’s relationship is very sweet. *tears*