Omake no Tensei-sha Chapter 9

..... Aaah, He's a Reincarnator

Boom-boom-boom. ......!


 An unfamiliar noise echoed through the hazy Naso forest in the early morning. Needless to say, I was alerted by the thunderous sounds and its accompanying vibrations. The gigantic Kaliva tree, which serves as my home base, is chattering and shaking.

 What is that sound! It's early in the morning and yet you're already messing with my sleep! ...... I hate being disturbed in my sleep, I hate it so much!

  I woke up and looked out of the cave, frowning. The dark blue sky is getting brighter and brighter. Black smoke is rising from a corner of the green Naso forest that spreads out below.

 This is ...... Looks like there's some kind of event happening! Emmy, let's go see!

 This Omake-sama, a maniac for Isekai Tensei Documentary, often used such popular terms as event that she learned from the discovery.

Of course it made her curious and excited. Without any kind of caution, she made such suggestion. I was waking up in a daze, and with a bit of reluctance I was rushing angrily towards the source where the sounds and the smoke rising and without too much thinking, I protested (throwing stone) towards the presence that disturbed my good night's sleep.


...... So, here we are now.

It was a great sound, wasn't it? Omake-sama.

Eh, That's right

There's definitely a reason for that kind of thunderous sound, isn't there?

As you said. Emmy is indeed clever

And if the cause is a dangerous and powerful demon, Omake-sama, what do you think will happen?


Oh, not talking?

That, That’s because Emmy! Even Emmy ran this far without thinking! It's not fair that I'm the only one who is blamed for the lack of a sense of urgency!

Ugh! I can't argue with that, but come on!

Just be careful in the future. Okay? This time, there didn't seem to be any particular danger, right? Right?

Hmmm, hmmm, Is there really ...... a danger?


I had arrived at the source of the smoke in less than five minutes. It was quite a distance away, but I'm a five-year-old who's very good atBody Strengthening and used to living in the forest, so I didn't run out of breath with this much movement.


...... And.


What's seemed from the bushes is, a cleared space that suddenly appeared in the Naso forest.

This kind of cleared space, it didn't exist until yesterday right?

Trees are torn down, charred and smoky.

Ah, ...... The carcass of a ( probably) naked rat has also been turned into charcoal.

I can't eat it if it's like that. What a waste .......


That's not what I mean!


I turned my attention to the person who seemed to have made this whole mess appear.


Standing there was someone ...... who was about my age. No, if I remember correctly, he must be the same age as me. He was a good-looking boy with crimson red hair and red eyes.If I remember correctlyI knew that good-looking boy's name. Because ...... He's Torch Fenoben, who, like me, lives in the Fenoben village.


Oh, the reason he has the same last name as the village's name is because he is the son of the village chief. In this country (I don't know the name of the country because I'm not familiar with it), commoners like me don't have family name, but I heard that when you are in the level of the village chief's family, you can get a family name. Not that I care.


...... Hmmm? I mean, what the heck kind of situation is this?

Torch-kun is the son of the village chief as far as I know, but he's definitely just an ordinary village child - A, and he shouldn't have the power to cause such a stupid destruction, right?

 As I froze in confusion, Torch-kun, who had been smiling, began to speak to himself with a smug smile. My super-hearing, which trained from living in the forest (probably due to Body Strengthening, my hearing is very good) captures those words.


...... This one takes some practice to control. Seriously, the power of Holy God's Blessing is just ridiculous ......


...... With a yare yarelike manner, Torch-kun talking to himself.

Huh? Didn't he have such a mature way of speaking? I think now he was a five-year-old who looked like a typical shitty brat, a yankee boy. ...... then, what? Right now, Torch-kun, you said blessing, right?

 He said

When it comes to blessings, .......

A blessing given by the gods to a creature, land, etc. In documentary terms, it is also called cheat

 Torch-kun? didn't you say Holy God's blessing?

Yes, that's being said. When we talk about Holy God in this world, it's Holy God Raintoria. She is the god of holy things

 ...... I think I know that name sounds familiar .......That god was probably in that auction room 5 years ago.......

 Raintoria is a very famous Isekai Tensei Documentary Publisher, you know! It would be natural to participate in the soul auction



A mature manner that you would not expect from a five-year-old.

In addition, the mighty power. Holy God's blessing.




...... Aah, He’s a reincarnator.


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